A mile-high weekend recap…

…and a REAL post.

I spent almost my entire weekend watching my two favorite teams take each other on at Minute Maid Park.  I LOVE THOSE ROCKIES.  The work ethic, the team effort, the low payroll, and the homegrown players… and TROY TULOWITZKI.

On Friday, I took my camera and my “TROY/Tulo is my Rookie Of the Year” poster and asked him for a picture.  He said yes, we posed, and… my camera wouldn’t turn on.  So he said he’d look for me on Saturday and Sunday, and he did, and on Saturday I finally got my picture!  He smells really good even after taking batting practice–must be that Derek Jeter cologne.  And on Sunday he saw me again and looked somewhat frightened that I hadn’t gone away yet, and I yelled at him that it was my last Rockies game until June, and he looked relieved.  So that was good.  I led everyone in a rousing “Tulo stadium cheer” right before the game.

I threw some Spanish at Ubaldo Jiménez and Yorvit Torrealba on Friday and Saturday.  They seemed surprised that I could say more than “Gracias!”  And somewhat grateful.  I wonder how many Coloradoans actually speak Spanish.

I almost got an accidental nose job when Kazuo Matsui (who doesn’t like being called Kaz, or so I read) lined one straight for my face on Sunday.  This time I was actually in the field boxes.  The guy in front of me saved my natural appearance and caught the ball, falling on me in the process.  I wasn’t hurt at all and I reassured him of this several times.  It was pretty entertaining.

How about that Valverde?  He actually saved a game!  SHOCKER!  We’ve taken to calling him “José Lidge.”  Hopefully this is more of what we’ll be seeing all season.

So while I’m happy to see my Astros win one, I’m also happy to see my Rockies win.  I wish it was a four-game series so they could have split it.  Unfortunately, the Giants and the Padres won yesterday, so they’re gaining in the NL West race.  In the race that most of my readers-that-I-don’t-have actually care about, the ‘Stros are still in last.  But we shall see.

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