I have before me…

…the box score of last night’s Padres/Astros game.  Finally, a good reason to be the saberhead that I am.

First of all, Oscar Villarreal didn’t allow a run!  I think it actually is a first.  Secondly, how about Tim Byrdak?  I had absolutely no idea, shamefully enough, that he was on our team.  But he held up pretty well.

And finally, ROY OSWALT IS BACK for good.  And helping himself out with the bat a little bit?  Not quite Micah Owings yet but YAY!  I am so pleased with the way our pitching staff is rounding out.  If only José Valverde were a little more consistent and if Wandy weren’t hurt.

I’m so EXCITED about Jack Cassel!  He did well in Triple-A and last September for the Padres, and he passes my most important test–the niceness test.  He’s extremely nice.

That’s really all the energy I have to recap last night’s game–I think the score pretty much speaks for itself.

As for today’s Where Is He Now?, I will mention Luke Scott.  Not only is he starting in right field for the surprisingly good Baltimore Orioles, his average is .381 and his OPS is 1.000.  Looks like he’s doing very well.  I guess he just needed a change in scenery.  However, he will always be my favorite right fielder who gave me a high five and started recognizing me at the games.

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