Everybody bring out your brooms…

‘Cos it’s two sweeps in a row!

After they dropped two to the Rockies, the Astros have come back and absolutely cleaned house.  First they swept away the pitching-powerhouse Padres, and now they’ve cleared out the Reds, who happened to be above them in the standings.  Well, so long!

If I had the chance to see Jack Cassel again, I would give him a high five.  What a fantastic job he did today.  I am endlessly impressed (and shocked beyond belief) by our pitching staff.  And have I yet mentioned that he’s so nice?

The bats weren’t quite as alive today as they have been but yesterday, Tuesday, and Monday they most certainly were.

But guess who else’s bat was alive yesterday?  TROY TULOWITZKI’S BAT, of course!  He hit his first homer of the season!  And it had to be the day I benched him on my fantasy team.  Same with Brandon Inge.  But at least the Rockies didn’t drop another.  And what’s with Manny Corpas?

And most importantly, how can I talk about so many teams in one blog post?  I have no idea.

See you in St. Louis.

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