All good things…

…must come to an end–but that doesn’t mean they can’t start back up again.

It’s really distracting, listening to Josh Groban in Spanish and trying to write about baseball in English, but it’s so quiet in here!

How about those Astros, eh?  It’s been a wild ride.

Hunter Pence=still a sexy beast.  Cute story about his niece 🙂  WOW THAT RHYMED (sorta).

Where Is He Now?

capt_0e408203569b447aa9d3b2c95041bf9b_mets_diamondbacks_baseball_pnc109.jpgToday, we will pay Chad Qualls a visit in arid Arizona, where the humidity is non-existant (sigh… I would appreciate that right about now).  His ERA was 0.00 up until May 4, and currently it stands at 2.61, which is lower than it ever was with the Astros.  He’s been doing quite well as a setup man for Brandon Lyon (who I put on my Anti-Fantasy team after he blew two saves at the beginning of the season–that was stupid).  He’s been doing well, and fortunately so has the man that we got for him, José Valverde.  It’s a good year for the D-backs… and although I am a Rox fan, I am pleased to see Not-So-Bad Chad doing well.

I was really pleased to read about that chat that Lance-a-Lot had with J.R.  It’s nice to know that he’s returning the favor that he received not so long ago–and J.R. is one of my favorite players.  It’s been hard to see him struggle, especially after he did so well last year.

To all my one reader: I apologize for going so long between entries!  I just moved last week and Comcast doesn’t know that our address exists yet (oh, the woes of a new house), so I’m on my roof right now on someone’s unsecured network.  I don’t know what I’m going to do when I decide to take advantage of that clearance sale on–buying things online on an unsecure network is NOT smart.

Anyhow, it’s time to run downstairs and find my charger.

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