No decision for Clayton…

…but a big decision for me.

I have a new favorite pitcher.  Clayton Kershaw is an absolute beast.  He is exceedingly gorgeous and sort of my age.  Plus he committed to Texas A&M before being drafted, so
that’s five extra cool points for him.  But his girlfriend’s mom was ridiculously weird… she was way more excited than his own mom.  So strange.  My mom is so much cooler.

He wears a cross, so he’s definitely Christian.  And I almost just spelled cross “chross.”  Which signifies that I might need some food right about now.

And he’s a lefty!

And ohmigod, his HAIR.  The best hat hair I have ever seen.

Please excuse my fangirl moment.  Trust me, it’s the first of many, many to come.

Random postscript: I definitely saw his interview on KCAL before today’s game.  No yucky Texan drawl, and he seems like a very sweet guy.  Yay.

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