It’s draft day…

…but the draft is really the only aspect of baseball I can’t bring myself to get particularly excited about.

Although apparently, Jason Castro is quite the catching beast.

Anyhow, it was nice to see that Wandy was back on.  However, with the loss yesterday combined with the Brewers’ win, we’ve dropped down to fourth in the NL Central.

It was also great to see the Rockies take two from the Dodgers.  They really needed that boost!  And unfortunately, I had Jeff Francis benched on my fantasy team the day that he threw seven shutout innings, and I had Micah Owings active yesterday.  BLECH.

Ordinarily I would do a “Where Is He Now?” right here but my brain is not quite with it, considering I just sat on the couch and played Mariokart on the Wii for an hour and a half, and I slugged down a large Black Forest from The Coffee Bean.  DO YOU KNOW HOW GOOD THE COFFEE BEAN IS?!  I really wish we had them in Texas.  That and Trader Joe’s.

Apparently, we’re supposed to be getting the Internet at home, so when I get home tomorrow we might actually have connectivity!  I really need to buy some new music for my iPod.  Stupid Comcast.  I hate Comcast!

There’s two Pizza Hut pizzas freshly delivered sitting on the table and I have to babysit, so hasta la vista until I can string thoughts together into coherent sentences.

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