Two Home Run Derbies…

…we won one and we lost the other.

sage hitting.jpgFirst: the Texans hitting homers for charity.  May I take a moment to say, I LOVE SAGE ROSENFELS?  He is an absolute beast.  And he hit five home runs at the Derby yesterday.  And I loved Chester Pitts’ comment–“Anyone with calves this big shouldn’t be on the [diamond]. What about these calves says ‘baseball player?’ Absolutely nothing.”  I found that quite entertaining.  I’m glad these guys did such a neat community service project.  Sounds like fun.

coop argues.jpgSecond: the Astros and Brewers hitting homers.  I don’t think I’ve ever actually been to a game with so many home runs hit.  Unfortunately, we were on the losing end of that Derby.  And Coop got ejected!  When he became our manager I thought he was peaceful and calm.  Unfortunately, I drafted Bobby Cox as my anti-fantasy team manager, because I would get points every time he got ejected, and I don’t know that he’s gotten ejected at all this season (correct me if I’m wrong–I couldn’t find any articles about his ejection on  However, Tom Gorzelanny is keeping my team semi-afloat at 7th out of 9.  And my fantasy team is 13th out of 14 despite winning my last two matchups… what’s the ish with that?

That’s really all I have to say for today.  I’m hitting the game this afternoon, so we’ll hope for a win in the rubber game.  I’ve got to go find a compressed air can to blow the air out of my desktop so I can get back to using it.  This laptop is slower than Carlos Lee running to first.

One comment

  1. chrislos

    Super Post!! Keep up the great work.

    When are you going to your next game?

    The Baseball Collector

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