I cannot believe it…

…Shawn Chacon actually physically attacked Ed Wade.

Chacon said that Wade was cussing him out, and so he threw him to the ground.  Chacon has been suspended indefinitely.

And now he’s afraid he might never pitch in the bigs again!  WOW what a shocker!  Maybe you shouldn’t have been such an ***!

Just like Chris has his “Chris Hex” and Zack has his “Hample Jinx,” I’m creating my own thing.  Mine is officially called the “Kylie B-slap of Fortune.”

Shawn Chacon, consider yourself officially B-slapped.

You can tell I’m mad.  Guess what?  We don’t need this guy.  And nobody else does, either.



  1. chrislos

    I remember seeing Chacon a couple years ago, with the Yankees at the Rogers Centre and he was so mean even then.

    He would pretend to throw balls to fans and then throw them in to the bucket during BP.

    The Baseball Collector

  2. petersaa

    Are we the same person? My paper bag is sitting under my desk waiting for me to clip out the nonbaseball junk and I have the SI with Jeff, I bought 3 copies, 1 to cut up, another to keep in tact and a backup. What is the deal with Shawn Chacon?! He is crazy and scary. I remember when he was here, all the guys on our team are so nice and he stuck out like a sore thumb, he always seemed angry even when he wasn’t doing anything.
    As for the School of Mines…it is in Golden, CO which is one of my favorite places in Colorado, its a great town and it has a brewery. My friend Marc and my cousin both got their degrees there. They both got engineering degrees, but they were the most accredited degrees out of our several colleges. That is how Mines is, if they have a field of study it will at least be the best place to get that degree in the state and I wouldn’t be surprised if their geo degree was the best in the country. My comment is now longer than your post–if you do go to Mines make sure you go to the fireworks show on E-days because it is AWESOME!

    -Amy P

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