A somewhat happy occurrence…

…tempered with overall sadness.

Troy Trevor hit another homer last night, and the Rox won thanks to an outstanding performance from Ubaldo.

– the Astros lost and were pathetic
– Clayton got optioned
– Jeff Francis got DL-ified

I’m so mad at the Dodgers’ staff for optioning my boy.  Honestly.  Why would you do that?

And the Astros… phew.  I really can’t even begin to quantify this loss.  Why does Hiroki Kuroda have our number?  He almost no-hit us last time we faced him.

I’m actually glad about Jeffy because OBVIOUSLY something was wrong.  I’m really mad at him for pitching through it, though.  What was he thinking?  He killed my fantasy team doing it.

I’m going to the game now so more later!

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