All-Star fan voting is stupid…

…so why do I keep watching the game?!

Yes, I know I haven’t updated in, like, six years.  I was gone all weekend.

The Astros have been winning some games–fell to the Braves but hey, at least we beat the worst team in the NL East, right?


I didn’t realize Matt Holliday’s agent was Scott Boras.  Major crapola.


I’m going to be going on quite a hiatus.  I’m gone Tuesday-Thursday of this week, then I’m gone Sunday-Sunday.  I’ll be back for a week (sorta, I’ll be in Denver with my laptop), and then that Sunday I leave again for two weeks to a place where I will have no cell phone, no TV, no Internet.  I’m having my family mail me box scores and wraps, because I will go insane if I don’t get my baseball fix.

I LOVE THE ALL-STAR BREAK.  Dunno why.  The game is dumb.  But Matty is starting.

Derby tonight.

Sorry for the random collection of thoughts.  I’ve had about twelve hours of sleep total since Friday.

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