So technically, Justin Morneau won…

josh tips his hat.jpg…but Josh Hamilton won in my heart.

The Derby has stupid rules.

I loooove the new “there’s only one October” commercial.  Cute guys are so much better than screaming ones–remember the one last year?  “THERE’S ONLY ONE OCTOBER AND IT’S NOT GOING TO WASHINGTON D.C. TO TAKE BACK THE WHITE HOUSE BECAUSE THE NATIONALS ARE AWFUL AND YEEEAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!”  Yeah.  That one.  That guy gave me nightmares.  And the whole “Actober” campaign was really dumb.

Can’t wait for the game tonight.  Woo hoo.

The best part about the All-Star break?

Neither the Astros nor the Rockies can lose any games.


  1. Ryan A

    Last night you witnessed a player going from “rising star” to “super star” in about 3 hours. Noone cares that Morneau won Chris….:) You Canadians!……..

    With his backstory along with his performance, you will be hearing about that for years to come. It is definitely something to tell your kids about, hopefully they’ll release that on DVD or something.

    I got about 25 phone calls during his binge in the first round. Excitement brews in Arlington.

    What a story, what a player.

    Ryan A

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