…ought to just about cover it.

We still haven’t got power.  I’m mooching off a friend’s electricity and Internet right now, because I was going a bit stir-crazy.  Driving’s pretty hard–you have to know exactly where you’re going because if you don’t there might be a tree in your way and you’re screwed.  Power and cable lines are down all the heck over the place and there are branches in the road and there’s not water anywhere anymore except maybe in people’s houses.

So for the last few days I’ve been sitting in a (thankfully) naturally air-conditioned home reading the Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich in backwards order starting with eleven and taking occasional walks.

However, you know what the Astros have been doing?

Not only were they screwed into playing, essentially, home games for the Cubs, but they got NO-HIT.  OH MY GOD.  When we finally got the paper yesterday I took a Sharpie and drew all over that giant picture of Carlos Zambrano.  UUGGGHHH as if I didn’t hate the Cubs and Big Z enough.  I mean, I hate the Red Sox but I was really excited and proud of Jon Lester when he had his no-no.  But I REALLY HATE THE CUBS.  Mostly Big Z because once he was batting against Roy Oswalt and he struck out and he broke his bat over his knee… which was really dumb…

If the airports were open I swear I would have used my free flights and flown out to Milwaukee to scream for my ‘Stros.  I swear.

And, oh and, the ROCKIES KEEP LOSING.  I am getting SO impatient with my teams.

In other news…

– some epic disappointment.  Honestly, people never cease to surprise me, and sometimes I really wish they would.
– Don, I don’t know you if you read my blog–I doubt you do–but if you happen to, good luck, man.

That is all.


  1. petersaa

    Hey there!
    I miss my rockies blog too, but it just got to be too painful. I think I’ll start it up again during spring training, but I’m taking 17 credits and I never sleep, it’s all too much. Now I live 10 blocks away from Coors though and I saw Brad Hawpe driving the other day so thats pretty darn sweet. Sounds like things are a bit crazy for you, I hope everything settles down.
    And that Milwaukee home game was the biggest piece of BS I have ever seen.

    –Amy P

  2. lacarreraespacial


    I am glad I found your blog. These are some very hard days, right after we were almost in heaven, being Astros fans and all. I have my very personal thoughts about this Milwaukee series, and I think you share them with me.

    Best of luck here, I already linked you on my Facebook and feel free to drop by my blog any time.

    Rafael /

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