My NL bracket is currently wrong…

…but my AL bracket is totally correct.

I picked Brewers/Cubs/Red Sox/Rays, then Rays/Brewers, and then Brewers to win the WS.  But I don’t care about winning the bracket contest–I want the Dodgers, Phillies, and Rays to win (originally, as in two hours ago, I had that backwards… oops)!

I LOVE Cole Hamels, and I heard his voice yesterday after the game–and I really wish I hadn’t.  Much too high-pitched for my taste.

One of my friends has a vintage N64, and literally in every spare moment of our time we play Super Smash Bros.  When I close my eyes I see Captain Falcon (in his feminine pink suit, hee hee) doing his flip grab, because that’s really the only one of his moves I’m good at.

I ordered the March 2008 issue of Sports Illustrated, mostly because there was a giant article (and some pictures) about Tulo… and he was on the cover… which was a fold-out…  It was fantastic.  Cost me ten bucks but I figured it was my one-month-belated birthday present to myself.

I’ve literally slept for nine hours every night for the last week and a half and I’m SO exhausted.  I don’t understand why I’m so tired–school’s not that stressful.

Going back to Denver sometime next month to re-visit the school.  Yay!


  1. petersaa

    Somewhere there is a cloning machine that we came out of or maybe we were separated at birth? My bracket is a mess, I picked the Cubs and Angels to make it all the way to the end…it must have been beer pong night or something because I don’t know what I was thinking. There are definitely a few players who should never open their mouths, including Hamels and my Iannetta. You have to check out this website though
    So my neighbor has a vintage N64 and I am a mario kart expert, it could very well be my backup plan if umpire school doesn’t work out. I had that issue of SI, but I gave it to my 4-yr-old cousin because I’m grooming him to be a shortstop, how did you get it?
    Have you heard from Mines yet?

    –Amy P

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