It’s a good day…

not to be a Cubs fan.

cubs choke.pngNot only was I raised to hate the Cubs, but I’ve grown anti-fond of Cubs fans themselves.  When you hold up “I like Ike” signs in Miller Park and boo the Astros, well, you deserve your team’s getting swept.  I’m not sure the players themselves deserve it, but certain Cubs fans most certainly do.

It’s also a good day not to be a Brewers fan.

Go… everybody!  I want the Rays to go all the way, but if the Red Sox win the ALCS then I’ll just cheer for the NL team, whoever it is.

Despite the epic suck of the Astros against the White Sox in 2005, I feel slightly guilty cheering against the other Chicago team.  The Dugout has made me love wordupthome Jim Thome, and I’m partial to Ken Griffey as well.  Sigh.

So much postseason drama, so little time.

One comment

  1. Jane Heller

    Yeah, there’s no love for fans who boo your team. When Red Sox fans start their chant against the Yankees – even when their team isn’t playing the Yankees! – it’s just bad. Let’s hope the Rays will rebound tomorrow against the White Sox and that the Angels will somehow remember how to play baseball against the Red Sox tonight.

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