It’s all over…

…and it’s back to football.

How do you know the baseball season is over?

You’re actually watching football at 1 PM instead of channel-flipping from FSN Houston to CBS during commercial breaks.

When you drive past the Holiday Inn, you stop wondering why they misspelled “Holliday.”

You’re actually doing homework.

When doing laundry, you find an Astros shirt and marvel, “Wow, haven’t seen this one in a while.”

You don’t know where your Tulo shirt is.

On long drives you’re flipping among college football channels instead of MLB channels on XM.

You go to sleep before 10 PM.

You miss baseball terribly and get a little twinge of sadness when you go to sleep on your “sports fanatic” baseball-shaped pillow.

One comment

  1. Jane Heller

    “You go to sleep before 10pm.” LOL. Since I’m on California time, I’ve been saying, “So weird. I don’t have to rush home for a game at 4 o’clock.” It’s all so sad without baseball. But February will be here soon. That’s what I keep telling myself.

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