Just got home…

…and I wish I’d never come back.

Drama doesn’t go away just because I escaped for the weekend.  High school is petty and I hate it.

I LOVE DENVER and its surrounding areas.  I can’t wait for ten months to move there.

I spent HOURS at Colorado Mills.  Sports Authority, Denver Autograph Co., with a little Bath & Body Works thrown in there for a little spice (har har *dodges rotten tomatoes*).  I talked to some very wonderful people, including someone who actually has the same name as I do.



On to real news:

matty sideways.pngGirls, eyes off the pretty Matty and on the text, please.  That’s right, kiddos.  Matt Holliday will never again don a Rockies jersey.  As much as I hate to see him go, he’s a Scott Boras client and it would have been rough for him and the team to get a contract his agent would be okay with.  Besides, I LOOOOOVE Huston Street and would really appreciate the chance to get a picture with him now that he’ll be playing in the Superior Circuit.

At least they didn’t trade Tulo.

Yesterday I wandered around downtown, took a ride on the light rail, and hugged poor, empty, beautiful Coors Field.  I navigated with a map (SHOCKER) and didn’t get lost.  But then I had to come home and that pretty much sucked.

I think I might change my blog’s focus at the start of next season and not wait until I actually physically move to Denver to change it.  Got a great title ready!

I hope everyone’s having a good offseason, and go Astros/Rox.


  1. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    It’s true, Matty is gone. No problem, the Rockies will move on. I just want to see Helton back and healthy..If your out here in 10 months, at least you can catch part of the season..Coors Field is a great place to watch a ballgame..Thanks for visiting the Rant Kylie…D

  2. andersconrad12

    Poor Matt! Being dumped off to a team that is as bad as the A’s were last year is going to damage his confidence. He’s a true professional, though, he’ll play his heart out anyway.

    Can’t wait to see him in an A’s uniform come March!

    Anders – http://chisoxboy.mlblogs.com/

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