What the Pudge?; Rox 2009 Commercials; For the  Record

pudge scary smile ap.jpgWell, kiddos, it looks like Ivan Rodriguez is playing for the Houston Astros this season.  Aside from the natural fear I have given his somewhat demonic appearance (as evidenced by this AP photo), I’m not sure how I feel about this.

Yeah, it’s good to have a veteran to teach our young catchers what to do.  He’s definitely a defensive and offensive standout, though his numbers will decline with age (but we’ve only got him for one year, so that’s not so much an issue).  But I’m not sure how helpful he’ll be.

J.R. Towles validated all skepticism that his eight-RBI game in 2007 against the Devil Birds was a fluke.  He’s defensively sound but his offense leaves a lot to be desired.  On the other hand, Humberto Quintero is average offensively and a very good defensive catcher.  Have you ever seen him throw to second or try to pick a guy off first?  It’s beautiful.  Anyway, we already have Q, and it wouldn’t have cost us $1.5 million.

As usual, I’m up in the air about this.  I am reluctant to decide what I think of a signing until I see it play out–basically, I’m too afraid of being wrong.  But I’m already leaning towards the not-a-good-idea side.

2009 Rockies campaign:

As most of you already know, the Rockies have produced award-winning commercials in the 2007 and 2008 seasons.  Well, this year’s commercials are no less entertaining.  Here I’ve got them from least-favorite to favorite:

5.  “Staring Contest.”  This commercial didn’t do much for me.  The end is cute, and I love Spil to death, but really?  Bo-ring.  Let’s hope the Rox games are more action-filled than this commercial.

4.  “Dinger’s Other Job.”  Please don’t think I hate Dinger.  In fact, he’s the coolest mascot ever (except Orbit, who was the Astros’ mascot back when their uniforms were blue and they were in the Dome).  He’s a friggin dinosaur–what could be better?  But this is kind of cheesetastic.  I can’t help but ask if there really wasn’t a better idea they could have executed.

3.  “Athletic Endorsements.”  I have always thought endorsement ads were funny.  I saw one for a Colorado car dealership featuring Tulo and it was so cheesy that I cracked up and had to watch it a few more times to properly appreciate it.  This parody was refreshingly self-deprecatory.  I liked it a lot.

2.  “Wedding Mound Visit.”  The only commercial to have Tulo actually visible–but he didn’t say anything, which is weird, because we all know that he’s the one who initiates the mound conferences half the time anyway.  But the whole honeymoon reference really got me.  Great concept, awesome execution.  Todd Helton is the king of commercials (the Toddfather?  I mean, really?  Tulo was in that one too, though).

1.  “Players Adjust to Home.”  I LOVE AARON COOK IN THIS ONE.  I’ve always thought pitchers shaking their heads looked a little like a toddler throwing a fit, and in this commercial that’s definitely the vibe I got.  Plus, anything with Chris Iannetta in it is AWESOME in my book.  Five stars.

In other news…

Wow.  The Astros have won a total of one spring training game this year.  Should I be worried?  Everyone keeps telling me it’s not important–which is legit, because the Astros were first in the Grapefruit league a few years ago and crashed in the REAL season.  I guess if our good guys are doing well in the small amount of playing time they get, then that’s good.

The Rox, by the way, are doing pretty damn well for their whole losing streak thing.  Way to bounce back, boys.


  1. Jane Heller

    I was down on Pudge after his mediocre year with the Yanks. He seemed totally washed up – both on offense and defense. But his stint with the WBC has shown he’s still got some life in him. I don’t see how the Astros could go wrong taking him for a year.


  2. rockiesfan

    As my mom says, “Thank God these boys can play ball, cause they couldn’t act to save their lives.” Tulo does talk, though. You can hear him say, “Alright, you can do this, let’s go!” Just the delay in the screen doesn’t show his mouth moving. I agree though, Players Adjust To Home is priceless.

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