A House Divided; Countdowns Galore


New readers, not that I have many, will note that although my blog header and title both profess a love for the purple-and-silver clad team that makes its home in Coors Field, I talk about the Houston Astros as much or more in every entry.  My profile picture is even me on Coors Field.

To clear up confusion for the lazy ones who haven’t read about me, here it is in a nutshell.  I was born and raised and still live in Houston.  I love everything about Texas except the weather, but I’m headed to Colorado in August for college (more on that later) because it’s the best place to do what I want to do–stare at rocks until they speak to me.  Natural resources, mining, energy, that sort of thing.  I also want to work for NASA, but I digress.

In spring 2007, I fell in love with a young man named Hunter Pence, and consequently I started watching baseball again even though I’d been going to games since I was born.  With this new obsession came a Craig-Biggio-3000th-hit chase, and the Rox were in town then.  I was intrigued by this new team (they were 39-43 at this point) and followed them as best as I could the rest of the year.

coors teensy.jpgHere’s where it gets tricky.  I’m so done with people calling me a bandwagon fan.  Yes, I fell in love with them halfway through a really lucky season.  But that was July.  I am not psychic.  No, I did not predict their World Series run.  I honestly didn’t expect anything; I just observed that their shortstop was smokin’ and kind of based my later fanhood on that.  Let’s be honest: do I sound like a bandwagon fan to you?  Would a bandwagon fan still care two years later?
In any case, fanhood aside, this week and the first week of June are going to be tough weeks for me because I’ve got to watch my two teams fight it out against each other.  I’m not cheering for this series, but when the Rox come here I’m cheering for them because I’m going to have plenty of other opportunities to cheer for the Astros in person.  I’m going to try and get Tulo to sign my jersey shirt, if he doesn’t run away in fear because he recognizes me as “that girl who showed up three days in a row to get a picture and had a big poster.”  Hopefully the short red/teal hair will throw him off the trail 🙂  But I always hate cheering “against” the Astros, so I don’t.  Cheering for one team is not the same thing as cheering against the other team–it’s the difference between hoping someone capitalizes on a mistake and hoping someone makes a mistake.  No ill will here.

In other news…

teensy logo.jpgOne hundred and four days.  Until what?  College, my friend.  The picture to the right is me on the campus wearing my 2007 NL champions sweatshirt that cost me sixty bucks.  It was an unfortunately gray November day and the grass was nasty, but hey, at least it wasn’t twenty-eight degrees anymore like it was when the plane landed.

As far as other important things go, graduation is in five days and my birthday is in 109.  Eighteen days until the Rockies get here.  Twenty-nine until I see the Astros take on the D-Backs in Phoenix.  Thirty-nine until I watch the Rockies battle the Angels.  And I’m also going to some minor league games at some point but I’m not sure when.

Pointless Ramblings:

– I have pink eye.  Isn’t that fun?  Here’s hoping I get rid of it before graduation or all the pictures will have me looking drunk on the left side.
– I’m still coughing like there’s no tomorrow.
– It’s 100 degrees outside.

photos courtesy of… me!


  1. Jane Heller

    You certainly have a lot going on, Kylie! I hope college is everything you hope it will be and that graduation goes well (no pink eye – put a warm washcloth on it). I don’t think you’re a bandwagon fan at all. We love our teams. There’s no rule about WHEN we should start loving them.


  2. iliveforthis

    YAY COLLEGE!! It’s a good time. And I’m with Jane, there’s no rule about when you start loving a team. I didn’t start liking the Rockies until last season, now I’m a slight obsesso, and I know more than my so called friend who claims to be a Rockies fan “since they became a team in 1987” (I hope you got that joke… that was actually a real story).

  3. rockymountainway

    So I’ll be there for the whole series in Houston. My buddy Ozzy is getting the tickets so I don’t know where I’ll be but I’ll be around before the games so we for sure have to grab a bite or the like. As for Phoenix if you haven’t been there before and any questions I can answer please let me know if you haven’t gotten the answers from my blog postings.

  4. AJRoxMyWhiteSox

    Congrats on graduation. Hope your pink eye and coughing are gone before then! I’ve been a White Sox fan since the beginning of 2005. Up until recently, some people have STILL called me bandwagon. After the horrendous 2007 season, I think all the bandwagon fans left. I’m still here, and I’ve got the ink on my ankle to prove it.
    PS: Legal free download link for “Red Light”? You intrigued me via Twitter when I saw it this morning hahaha!

  5. Kaybee

    Cedric Hunter! I think he’s the best prospect we have down there right now, but there’s some good pitching prospects too. Well, they’re all part of the Padres’ organization, so cheer for them all! I hope you have a great time…

  6. welikeroywelikeroy

    When I was very young, there was actually a time where I almost became a Detroit Tiger fan … almost! For me, geographically Detroit is almost as close as Toronto. I picked the Jays around age 7, and never looked back … I can see where you are a coming from though.


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