Quick Travel Update

[cue Baseball Tonight update jingle]

Here’s what’s going down, kids. I’m doing a lot of traveling to see ballgames this week, and here’s a list for both you and me.
June 27: Chase Field, D-backs vs. Angels. I hate the Angels SO MUCH that I guess it’s go Snakes.
June 29: PETCO Park, Padres vs. Astros. GO ASTROS. Houston people, watch for me on TV!
July 1: Dodger Stadium, Dodgers vs. Rockies. I will be sitting in dugout club, hopefully behind the Rox’ on-deck circle. Look for me in my new Tulo jersey!
At some point thereafter: Lancaster JetHawks (Astros farm team). Hopefully.
I’m headed to Phoenix today and I won’t be back until Sunday, so I won’t be reading, commenting, or updating until that evening. Forgive me 😀
Also, I added a new profile picture, if you haven’t seen it yet. I kind of like it 😀
Love you all!


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