Stinging the Friars; A Midsummer Surprise

IMG_5818.JPGSo you may or may not have known that I went to Petco (or PETCO, but that looks dumb) Park last Thursday, July 2. Well, I did. And Jen was there too. And… it was a very interesting day.

I started out by the players’ entrance in hopes of acquiring autographs. By the way, if you’re going to do that, please have no reservations about feeling absolutely creepy. Because wow, I felt so stalkerish hanging out there.

It was weird. We saw big Escalades drive up, visiting players in taxis, new Lexuses with the paper plates indicating their freshness from the Lexus plant. We saw one player pull up with his wife in the passenger seat, and then saw her leave a few minutes later. If I were married to a ballplayer, say, Tulo, I would want to be there for all of his games to support him, plus, I love baseball anyway. But this player maybe has kids at home that his wife needed to pick up or take care of, since it was 9:30 in the morning anyway.

IMG_5831.JPGThe one sighting that made me the happiest was David Eckstein. He drove up in his little fuel-efficient sedan, waved, and went inside. Three minutes later, he popped back out and chatted and signed and took pictures for as long as we wanted. I also got some encounters with other important, well-dressed men, but you’ll have to go to my Flickr to see those because I haven’t got the patience to deal with Moveable Type right now. I’ve got pictures of the bee swarm, the park itself, the skyline… one picture I have to put up right now is the “rammycackle” picture, because I’m begging for help. WHAT DOES IT MEAN? They put it up randomly in the home half of the second and I have had no luck whatsoever attempting to decipher it. Padres fans, help me!

The Astros won, despite the swarm that took over the outfield and a ballgirl’s jacket. Petco looks a lot smaller in person than it does on TV, but we had a ton of fun and it’s extremely beautiful. I didn’t get sunburned like I did at Dodger Stadium, and my arms are actually turning tan instead of crimson. A great time was had by all, and then it was time for the drive back to LA.

In other news…

I’ve never been a big All-Star Game follower or voter. I mean, yeah, I watch it and I get into it, but you won’t catch me submitting hundreds of votes like the people I met at Minute Maid who take boxes of ballots and punch them during the game. I become particularly frustrated with the National League because players who are not all-stars (Kosuke Fukudome, for example, last year) are voted in by players who vote for popularity and not for good players, which leads to disappointing performance by the NL. However, this year I have been stunned by the sheer talent of the National League roster and while I don’t want to jinx us, I feel better about our chances.

Most importantly #1, Manny Ramírez was not voted in. Thank God.

Most importantly #2, HAWPER AND MARQUIS. Not only does Hawper have the fourth-highest (at last check) batting average in the NL, but he’s also a spectacular outfielder. Jason Marquis is now in a league of his own as the only pitcher in the Major Leagues with eleven wins to his name. Way to go, Jason and Hawper. Y’all deserve it.

Also, Tim Lincecum. Who I absolutely love and/or adore.

Pointless Ramblings:

– If everything goes exactly to plan, I’ll be in San Diego for the game on July 18th against the Rockies. However, this plan depends on circumstances beyond my personal control, so for now I can only hope. I should know by tomorrow if I’m staying or going, and if I’m not staying I go back home on Thursday.
– I’m going to NYC, hopefully sometime before I leave for school. Hopefully ASAP, but I’d also like to see the Mets and Yankees play, so I’m trying to find a weekend when they’re both home.
– The weekend I get up to school, August 21-23, the Rox are in town and I’d like to have an early birthday celebration by going to one of the games. I’d like anybody who’s in town to come, so please think about that. It will probably be the 21st, but if that weekend doesn’t work, I’ll plan for it later in September. My birthday is August 30th but they’re in San Fran that weekend.
– Also, if I stay here for that Padres/Rox game, I will probably do some extra traveling, so stay tuned for further updates. I also might have some exciting news to announce in the next few days but then again, it might not happen. We’ll see.
– My blog titles suck lately. I apologize.


  1. Jane Heller

    Always glad when you post. I feel your stalkerish feelings about approaching the players. But it’s so much fun to get their attention! I hope you have a great time when you go to New York to see the Yanks/Mets. Take lots of pics.

  2. Kaybee

    So cool about Eck!! What a great guy. I had no idea what rammycackle is. That’s kind of weird!! I’ve never seen it, but I don’t really watch the scoreboard that much 🙂 I’m soooo glad that you’ll be able to make it to the game on the 18th!! I guess you’ll be cheering for the Rockies, though. Oh well, now we’ve got Hyun Young and I cheering for the Padres, and you and Jen cheering for the Rockies! It works 🙂

  3. raysfanboy

    I agree with you about players making the AS team who don’t deserve it. As a Cubs fan, I was thrilled that Fukodome made the team, while I knew he didn’t totally deserve it. He was a novelty in Chicago, so you know.

    Marquis bugs me. He is putting up some great numbers in Denver. Why didn’t he do that in Chicago!? Jerk. 🙂

    Great post. I’ll definitely be visiting more.

  4. The BILF Reporter

    I hope you have fun if you go to NY to check out some games! I haven’t made it to Citi Field yet, but the new Yankee Stadium is beautiful. I was in the upper deck, and the seats weren’t bad at all (I got my tickets for $22 apiece, and the view was much better than I thought it would be for that price). 🙂

  5. "D" The Rockpile Ranter

    Quote “Not only does Hawper have the fourth-highest (at last check) batting average in the NL, but he’s also a spectacular outfielder”.
    I couldn’t agree more BSB. I hope you get to see the Padres Rockies game. You’re well travelled this season…D

  6. iliveforthis

    Count me in for the birthday, well, if it’s on a later day. Looks like you’ll have some excellent travel stories to tell when we finally go to that Rockies game together! I enjoy watching the All Star game for what it is, guys playing baseball, except last season, I remember the NL almost had it and freaking Dan Uggla decided to stop playing and I was pissed. I didn’t think I’d get all mad over a game that, in reality, isn’t terribly important, but I did. Oh well.

  7. lifeinpurplepinstripes

    I’ll just be over here, jealous as all hell 😉

    I’d love to be at a game for your birthday, but work keeps me from leaving too much. However, if you were to plan for a weekend, I might be able to drive out on Saturday and back on Monday 😀 I’m still crossing my fingers that I can make it to the game the night before we leave for Yellowstone, since I’ll be in town!

  8. heartruss

    Jane, I think maybe it is the way a person approaches the players to get an autograph that may seem stalkerish. For example, if one jumps out of the bushes, that would be considered stalkerish. Or if one does research and finds out what hotel they are staying at and stakes out the elevators, that would be stalkerish. If one is at a game they expect you to approach them and are friendly. The Dodgers are more than happy to talk to you and to sign autographs, especially James Loney, Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier. I think we owe our players the respect to leave them alone when they are not at the ball park.

  9. heartruss

    I just read your other post about your experiences at Dodger Stadium. Sorry. There are some extreme fans. They make me nervous especially with the heckling. Next time you come back, try going around section 53 near the Dodger bullpen if you are interested in relief pitcher autographs. You can throw balls and gloves over the fence and they will sign. This is before the game. The relief pitchers also will toss you the balls. The Dodgers are a very nice group of guys. I know about the baseline seats. The best bet for autographs are to sit there or in the Dugout seats which are $500. Depends on how much you want to spend on baseball.

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