ASB Recap; 100 Entries and Counting… but not really

reuters asg.jpgSo as everyone knows, the National League once again got their behinds handed to them at the All-Star Game. I tried to find a picture of the NL players looking all depressed after losing but, well, I couldn’t, so I picked this picture of the AL celebrating to a) punish the NL players and b) celebrate the awesome that is Jason Bartlett. Because, really.

What else happened during the All-Star Break?

1: I went through Troy Tulowitzki withdrawal. It was horrid.

2: I actually did things with my family in the evening, like watching He’s Just Not That Into You. Which also happens to be the story of my life. Except the happy ending.

3: I tried to catch up on In Plain Sight and only made it through two and a half episodes.

4: I got so bored with the Home Run Derby that I simply quit watching. I don’t think I’ve ever done that with a baseball event. I did fall asleep during a Yankees-Red Sox game on ESPN, but I was so sleep-deprived. But honestly, the HR Derby was boring, especially after last year’s Josh Hamilton Show. That was long but it was fun. And last year and the year before I actually had people to cheer for–Hambone last year, Matty in 2007. It’s got to be cut down from three rounds to like, two. Or stopped entirely. I’ve heard stories of post-HR Derby slumps and ruined swings. Just open BP to the fans and they’ll pay for tickets to that too. The really positive thing about it is all the money State Farm donates, but they’d come up with another way.

5: A friend of mine started her own MLBlog, Life in Purple Pinstripes. And yes, I’ll keep plugging it until everyone is commenting.

And then the game happened, and if you follow me on Twitter, you know exactly how I felt… up until about the seventh inning, when Twitter decided I had updated too much and cut me off. That made me super angry. It finally let me back three hours later even though it said I’d tweeted too much in one hour, but, whatever. I had used up all my expletives for the day anyway, and it forced me to take a step back and cool down–but the profanity still stands. ******* National League.

I was so furious with Carl Crawford. I love him because he’s from Houston, and I love the Rays anyway, but nothing made me more angry that night when he stole Hawper’s homer. He dropped his hand over the bullpen fence and BROUGHT IT BACK. THAT WAS A HOMER. Hawper, ilu. You did what you were supposed to, sweetie. Anybody else playing left never would have brought that back. Don’t worry about it, darlin’. We of the Colorado persuasion still adore you.

I was also frustrated that Hunter Pence didn’t get a chance to play. It was his first ASG ever, and as Alyson could tell you, he was so ridiculously excited. Poor thing. I loved seeing him in the dugout, all wide-eyed. I wanted to give him a hug, despite his ridiculous rally-hawk which can be seen on my Flickr.

All in all, the All-Star break was gross. Four days without seeing my boys, the HR Derby was pathetic, and the ASG made me furious.

In other news…

This is my 100th entry. Kind of sad considering I’ve been around since last April. So to see how far I’ve come, I’ll post the self-survey I did in my first entry and then I’ll re-answer all the questions and see how I’ve changed.

Name: Kylie
Favorite seats in MMP: Section 405, row 3, seat 7
‘Stro: J.R. Towles.  I got a picture with him at Spring Training. 
WOW.  And it used to be Luke Scott but… sniff.  And I LOVE Jack
Cassel.  He’s SO NICE!
Favorite MLB player: Troy Tulowitzki.  Got a
picture with him on Saturday.  DOUBLE WOW.  Except he thinks I’m weird
because I was there for all three games… which is okay.  Brad Hawpe
thinks I’m cool.
Other favorite teams: Rockies, Tigers, Broncos,
Texans, Cowboys, Chargers, Aggies (WHOOP!).  No, I don’t care about
basketball or hockey.
Favorite show on ESPN: Baseball Tonight, obviously.
Favorite baseball stat (I’m a SABRhead): WHIP!  I don’t know why.
I love getting autographs.  Mostly I get Astros autographs, but this
past weekend I spent about six hours total getting Rockies autographs
(my other favorite team!  NO, I’m not a bandwagon fan).  I went to
Spring Training in 2008 and got more autographs than I got all last
season at MMP.  I take my camera with me and snag pictures of the boys
of summer as they sign for fans, and if there aren’t many other people
I might get a picture with one of them.  However, I’ve already got J.R.
and Tulo, so who else do I need?  That’s right, no one.  Except maybe

Name: Kylie, yeah, that hasn’t changed.
Favorite seats in MMP: Section 405, anywhere.
‘Stro: Hunter. JR isn’t really a ‘Stro anymore.
Favorite Rockie: had to add this, considering I’m not an Astros blogger anymore. Definitely Troyness.
Favorite MLB player: still Troy. Still love Luke Scott, and he’s doing really well. Also love Tim(meh) Lincecum and Clayton Kershaw 😀
Other favorite teams: I have a big fat ugly soft spot for everyone in the NL West. It’s awful. Love the Orioles, if only because of Cal Ripken Jr. and Luke Scott. Proud of the Rays.
Favorite show on ESPN: Baseball Tonight, despite their obvious disdain of the Astros and Rox and complete failure to mention 70% of Troy’s homers.
Favorite baseball stat: WHIP. Why did I have this question, anyway?
I still love getting autographs. Most of all, I love talking to the guys. I love having Tim Byrdak tell me that LASIK is amazing and I should get it, and don’t worry because there’s Valium involved and you won’t feel a thing. I hate that I can’t watch commercials on I’m still moving to CO in August.

Pointless Ramblings:

– Can’t wait to hang out with Kaybee, Hyun Young, and Jen on Saturday! We’ll have a ton of fun. I bought my tickets for section 122, but knowing Petco I’ll just sit behind the visitors’ dugout.
– I’m trying to toss together a little birthday party for myself the first weekend of September at a Rox game. My birthday’s actually August 30 but they’ll be in Frisco. Anybody who can come, please do. I’d love to see as many of y’all as possible.
– Move-in day is August 21, and my dad and I are planning to go to a game either that night or the night before. Anybody who’ll be there, let me know! I’d love to meet you (but not ditch my poor dad).
– I’ve been worried about Aaron Cook these last few starts, especially this one that I’m watching right now. I don’t like what I’m seeing and I’m going to leave this game to go watch my family play Monopoly, because I’m lame and ditched them to write this blog and watch the game. I suck.

photo courtesy of Reuters


  1. raysfanboy

    I don’t have the guts to get autographs. Wish I did. Usually I just hope that friends get them and give them to me. I know, I know, it takes away a little bit. I just don’t like bugging guys to sign.

    Except for Kevin Costner. I’ve met him several times here in Tampa, and he is great each time. He’s an idol.

    Have fun on your bithday. I hope your Rocks get a win for you.

  2. Kylie

    See, and for me, it’s not really guts. It’s a desire to know more about the game and maybe get a reminder or two of how great these guys actually are. And being female is a big part of my ability to get guys to sign. I have a voice I call my “sales voice” that’s about an octave higher that I used to use at work to sell promos. I owned my fellow cashiers, so it worked. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  3. Kaybee

    Can’t wait for the game!! It’s going to be soo much fun. I should start counting down the hours 🙂 Congrats on 100! I know what you mean about the home run derby. I watched most of it because it was my first time, but it was really boring. GO PADRES!!

  4. Kylie

    Julia — Twitter is just nuts sometimes. Thanks!
    Kaybee — of course it is. I might not ever want to go home!
    RFB (do you have a real name?) — eh, but if everyone were so lucky, then it wouldn’t mean anything! 😀 but since you’re in a different league (that I currently despise), you may have some luck.

  5. raysfanboy

    Shhhhhhhhhhh. (it’s Bob)

    I guess only half the teams can win, right? We got a nice one last night, though it scared the junk out of me. I don’t think the Rays can compete in the East if they drop games to teams like the Royals.

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