In the 5280; A Bible Lesson

GEDC1003.JPGSo guess where I am?

Yep, that’s Denver as I tried to catch it out the car window. After seventeen hours of driving and two stops, our filled-to-the-backs-of-the-front-seats Saturn Vue rolled into Denver, Colorado at around two-ish this afternoon. Six and a half hours later I’m still on a bit of a high. I have danced around and screamed and jumped and waved my arms. An RV honked at me doing my Colorado-dance when I stopped to take a picture with the “welcome to colorful Colorado” sign. It only increased my excited-ness. And the mountains on the way in–through Trinidad on I-25–were breathtaking. And those were just hills by Coloradan standards.

I saw the real mountains passing Pike’s Peak. And then when I saw Denver’s skyline in the distance… I flipped out.

GEDC0980.JPGHere are some interesting things that happened on the way:
— I discovered, as shown on the left, that when one ascends from 42 feet above sea level to 6600 (Canyon, NM, I think maybe?), wrappers and things tend to expand. Like this Starburst, which I found absolutely hysterical and have not yet consumed.
— We stopped at a Thai place in Podunktown, TX (not a real city name) where my pad thai did not taste Thai at all but rather like Cracker Jack.
— I realized that 60 degrees is cold, and I’m not at all prepared for Colorado winters. Then I stopped to get some Under Armour, because, really. I really need it.
— I realized that although I have a coffeepot I don’t have filters, sugar, creamer or coffee. So I went to Target to buy those things and then realized I had no idea what kind of filters it needed. So basically, GO ME and my preparedness.
— I have a “republican” tag hanging off the back of my bike (which is on a bike rack secured to the back of the car) and someone cut it in half. I’m pissed about that. I was probably going to take it off anyway because it’s rusted and dirty as hell, but still. He or she CUT IT WITH SCISSORS. WTF. Just because you don’t agree you go and destroy my property?
— I tried to take a nap five times and only took two. Poo.
— Nothing else interesting happened apart from me and my dad singing along with the radio. That got pretty entertaining.

So here I am, in metro Denver (in a hotel without FSN, which makes me ANGRY, but I get it in my dorm), ready to move in tomorrow. And I should be going to sleep but I don’t know that I could if I wanted to.

In other news…

Statue_Rio6.jpgSometimes when I watch Rockies games I imagine I see Jesus on top of the Rockpile. He’s extending his hands out to the people in the crowd and reminding them of something very important he said in John 20:29.

“Have you come to believe because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed.”

And I’m thinking that in this case, Jesus is kind of like the Rockies in that the stands are filling up fast with people quickly switching gears and digging out their purple after months of condemning the Rox to the cellar, kind of like Doubting Thomas, who would not believe until he felt the wounds of Christ.

I’ve seen the stands go from empty to full in a matter of weeks. It appears that the bandwagon is making its nightly rounds and dropping off its passengers at Coors before they’ve even torn the tags off their brand-new gear. Now I’m not a bandwagon hater. Sometimes it takes a push for someone to notice a team that’s been there all along. Sometimes those people turn into great fans (like Doubting Thomas was a pretty great apostle, but there’s a reason we don’t call him Believing Thomas). But there’s not much room for fair-weather fans at Coors Field. Don’t forget those of us who have been there all along.

Pointless Ramblings:

– I’m going to Coors Field for the first time tomorrow! And hopefully again on Monday!
– I move in tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it. My roomies are all going out to dinner tomorrow night but obviously I have something else on the agenda 😀
– My birthday is next Sunday! WHEE!

photo of Jesus statue courtesy of


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