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<![CDATA[I'm Kylie.

I’ve been an Astros fan my entire life, meaning that I remember the original animations and the orange seats in the Astrodome. I never started caring about baseball, however, until the beginning of the 2007 season. It took me awhile to understand more than the basic “guy hits ball, guy touches home plate” logic I had acquired in my years of being a pint-sized, naïve baseball watcher to complete my transformation into absolute baseball addict.

Along this long road, I saw Craig Biggio’s 3000th hit in person and fell in love with TROY TULOWITZKI!!!one!!!11!!eleven! the Colorado Rockies (before they were in the World Series, mind you). They are my other (not second) favorite team, and yes, I cried after Game Four. Consequentially, I hate the Red Sox. And although I was not an Astros addict until last year, I did watch their WS appearance. I don’t recall crying, though. So half of me bleeds purple, and the other half, brick red.

I went to Astros Spring Training in Spring 2008 in Kissimmee, FL. I’m an autograph hound, and as such I loaded my Astros hat with autographs. I got smushed by crowds, rescued by Hunter Pence, and my picture with J.R. Towles. In April 2008 when the Rockies came to Houston, I nearly took a Kaz Matsui foul ball to my nose and was saved by the man in front of me, I got a picture with Troy Tulowitzki (♥), and I filled my Rox hat with the autographs of Jeff Francis, Yorvit Torrealba, Ubaldo Jimenez, Tulo, Manny Corpas and Ryan Spilborghs. And I even spoke Spanish to Yorvit and Ubaldo.

I miss Luke Scott terribly. He was my favorite Astro before he got traded, so now he’s my favorite Oriole. Troy Tulowitzki is my favorite MLB player. I also adore Matt Joyce, Clayton Kershaw, Chris Iannetta, Hunter Pence, Cole Hamels, and Jeff Francis. I am very impressed with Mark Saccomanno as well.

My favorite two books are The Boyfriend League by Rachel Hawthorne and The Rookie by Jim Morris. I recommend The Boyfriend League for any girl who loves baseball and the Boys of Summer (or in my case, the Boys of Forever/Always), and The Rookie to anyone and everyone. I love Rascal Flatts, Taylor Swift, Jason Aldean, Josh Groban and Michael Bublé. XM is extremely addicting, by the way–I tend to leave it on Highway 16.



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