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This is my last entry…

…until after the “big changes.”

Haha, had you there, didn’t I?  No, I bet I didn’t.

I flunked a calc test today because I couldn’t concentrate.  The prayer service last night was nice, but everyone’s still looking for information.  We don’t know yet when the funeral can be–probably not until after the investigation is complete, and right now we have no clue what happened or if it’s related to another kidnapping that happened on Feb. 2.

On a happier note…

I cannot wait until April.  Have I said that enough times yet?  I wish I were going to spring training again this year, but I’m not.  The most baseball I will have until April is college baseball.

This is an extremely random and all-over-the-place entry, and I don’t know why.  I have a Bones recording on TNT right now and I think I’m distracted because I keep thinking about it… I should probably go watch that now.