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Game Log: 4 April 2009

The view from section 405 is probably my favorite view in the house.  The seats are high up so that I can see downtown to my left if the roof’s open, but I can still see every play made below me.  Plus the tickets are $7 up there, but I still spent $4 on a bottle of water (gross Dasani, not even Ozarka, which is so much better).

FanFest was today.  Autograph sessions were sold out by 5 AM, apparently, and I didn’t really want to go to any of them.  I arrived around 11, and I wanted to go to one of the “Talkin’ Baseball” seminars but had NO idea where they were.  For future reference, Astros peoples, please gimme a map or a schedule or something.  The only thing I ended up buying was a baseball cube for the ball a UCLA coach tossed me at the Houston College Classic.  I spent most of my time on the first baseline.


Could Minute Maid Park be any more beautiful with the roof open?  People complain because we spent all this money on the retractable roof but it’s only open a month or two out of the season.  But ask any player and they’ll tell you that it’s worth it because we can have real grass.

Dewey Robinson signed, then Tim Byrdak made it over after him.  A guy behind me remarked that he hardly recognized TIm without his trademark glasses.  Apparently, Tim got LASIK.  And by the way, Tim is pretty.  I like him now.  Then Doug Brocail came over and got a ball to give to a little girl.  I almost cried, it was that cute.  But then when he gave up three runs to give up a 4-3 loss in the ninth inning, I lost a little bit of the smile.

Chris Sampson was signing,  I already had his autograph, so I went out on a limb and asked him if he would take a picture with me.  He did.  It was awesome.  He is just far too adorable.

As usual, met some cool people down on the first baseline.  Then I had to head upstairs, but not before I bought some Papa John’s pizza (so much better than DiGiorno–that stuff was never cooked all the way through).  Spent the rest of the game in my seat, drinking water fountain water that was so gross I still feel somewhat ill.

We had three errors, all throwing errors.  We gave up a game in the ninth.  But there were some good plays.  I’m not convinced about this 2009 team yet–Pudge will bring a veteran presence to the clubhouse, but I thought we already had that.  Russ Ortiz did a very nice job pitching.  Michael Bourn got a hit (WOW).

All in all… I’m going to Opening Day on Monday.  That’s all I can commit to thus far.

A costly win…

…if Roy can’t make his next start.

Yeah, we won.  Yeah, Chris Sampson was 100% shocked that he was being called out, and he dominated because, well, that’s what Chris Sampson does, besides being nice enough to chat with fans.  Because he’s a beast.  But Roy got hurt.  So that’s not cool.

We have won three series in a row.  I’m very proud of my boys pulling themselves out of the depths of suckiness and beating the top two teams in the AL East (Rays, Red Sox) and the not-bottom team in the AL West (Rangers).

I also got to see Justin Ruggiano play for like, five seconds, who happens to be Brian Ruggiano’s brother, who happens to play at A&M.  Unfortunately Justin got optioned like, two days after the series ended, so that was sad.

Still working on figuring out that Denver trip.

My brain’s not really fully functioning right now, so excuse the pointlessness of this post.

The Rockies need to pull it together.  I love them to death but seriously, guys.  Get rid of Brian Fuentes, nab some prospects, and let’s get on with our lives.

Troy Trevor hit a homer the other day 🙂  Made my day.  But that craptastic play yesterday didn’t.

Only a matter of time until they get clicking on all cylinders.

Where Is He Now? update (cue Baseball Tonight update jingle): Matt Albers is on the DL with a torn labrum.  Either he’ll rehab for two months or have season-ending surgery.  Get well soon, brah.

This is pathetic…

…on so many levels.

We’ve lost five in a row, we have the same record as the Brewers, and we’re tied for third place at seven games back.  We’re just barely over .500.

What the heck happened to the Astros team that was rocking the NL Central when I left for Los Angeles?  I haven’t been able to watch any of the past few games but Sportscenter and Baseball Tonight have basically kept me up to date.  This team stinks.  And Jack Cassel got sent down… again!  I’m gonna miss him.

There are good things, though.  I’m glad to see that Chris Sampson, one of my favorite players (because he’s NICE! he’s so sweet), is feeling more confident since his move to the bullpen.  That’s very, very good.  And Lance Berkman is still a beast–and kicking Pujols’ sorry bum in All-Star voting.

My Rockies lost last night–pathetic, pathetic game.  Tulo was taking fielding practice, though, so that was exciting.

Where Is He Now?

mo.jpgToday we’re going to check up on Morgan Ensberg.  Remember 2005?  Aah, World Series berth, Brad Lidge got ruined, and Morgan Ensberg was amazing.  Unfortunately for him, 2005 was a really, really long time ago.  He might be making Derek Jeter laugh, but he didn’t exactly make the Yankees staff laugh.  He was DFAd on Sunday to make room for Scott Patterson on the 20-man.  Poor guy.  He was so excited to go to San Diego because he lives there, and now no one really wants him.  I mean, his batting average was .203.  I can’t say I particularly blame the staff for letting him go.  What do you think they’re gonna do with him?  I say release.

I think that’s it for now.  I’ll be returning to Dodger Stadium on Wednesday to watch the Rox take on Clayton Kershaw (*gulp*).  That should be interesting.  And then I head home on Friday–and Saturday and Sunday I’m gonna catch the Aggies against Rice!  Gig ’em!