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Quick Entry For Posterity

So I know I’ve not posted in a while. Between my last post and this one, I’ve been to two home Rox games, started college, and lost both my water bottles in calculus class on the first day.

But here’s a post to tell you some things.

I love all of you. Every last one of you. I enjoyed meeting you, D, and I’m sad that I missed you, Zack. I love talking to all of you and being part of your lives.

College is hard. Starting with new material on day one of calculus is terrifying. Walking onto a campus not knowing anyone except three guys from my high school was probably the scariest thing I’ve ever done, but now I’ve made friends and I’m happy. I’m very attached to my family and watching them drive away was so sad, but I call them every day (twice a day, haha) and I think I’m growing up.

I don’t have laundry detergent, fabric softener sheets, or a desk lamp. I need all of these things. Fortunately I have a wallet with which to bribe friends to drive me places, like Target.

Coors Field is amazing. It’s beautiful, and everyone I met was absolutely wonderful. Unfortunately I realized I have no depth perception when I missed an embarrassingly easy catch at BP on Friday.

I think I’m going to be okay. I’m excited for this next part of my life.

I should be doing physics homework…

In the 5280; A Bible Lesson

GEDC1003.JPGSo guess where I am?

Yep, that’s Denver as I tried to catch it out the car window. After seventeen hours of driving and two stops, our filled-to-the-backs-of-the-front-seats Saturn Vue rolled into Denver, Colorado at around two-ish this afternoon. Six and a half hours later I’m still on a bit of a high. I have danced around and screamed and jumped and waved my arms. An RV honked at me doing my Colorado-dance when I stopped to take a picture with the “welcome to colorful Colorado” sign. It only increased my excited-ness. And the mountains on the way in–through Trinidad on I-25–were breathtaking. And those were just hills by Coloradan standards.

I saw the real mountains passing Pike’s Peak. And then when I saw Denver’s skyline in the distance… I flipped out.

GEDC0980.JPGHere are some interesting things that happened on the way:
— I discovered, as shown on the left, that when one ascends from 42 feet above sea level to 6600 (Canyon, NM, I think maybe?), wrappers and things tend to expand. Like this Starburst, which I found absolutely hysterical and have not yet consumed.
— We stopped at a Thai place in Podunktown, TX (not a real city name) where my pad thai did not taste Thai at all but rather like Cracker Jack.
— I realized that 60 degrees is cold, and I’m not at all prepared for Colorado winters. Then I stopped to get some Under Armour, because, really. I really need it.
— I realized that although I have a coffeepot I don’t have filters, sugar, creamer or coffee. So I went to Target to buy those things and then realized I had no idea what kind of filters it needed. So basically, GO ME and my preparedness.
— I have a “republican” tag hanging off the back of my bike (which is on a bike rack secured to the back of the car) and someone cut it in half. I’m pissed about that. I was probably going to take it off anyway because it’s rusted and dirty as hell, but still. He or she CUT IT WITH SCISSORS. WTF. Just because you don’t agree you go and destroy my property?
— I tried to take a nap five times and only took two. Poo.
— Nothing else interesting happened apart from me and my dad singing along with the radio. That got pretty entertaining.

So here I am, in metro Denver (in a hotel without FSN, which makes me ANGRY, but I get it in my dorm), ready to move in tomorrow. And I should be going to sleep but I don’t know that I could if I wanted to.

In other news…

Statue_Rio6.jpgSometimes when I watch Rockies games I imagine I see Jesus on top of the Rockpile. He’s extending his hands out to the people in the crowd and reminding them of something very important he said in John 20:29.

“Have you come to believe because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed.”

And I’m thinking that in this case, Jesus is kind of like the Rockies in that the stands are filling up fast with people quickly switching gears and digging out their purple after months of condemning the Rox to the cellar, kind of like Doubting Thomas, who would not believe until he felt the wounds of Christ.

I’ve seen the stands go from empty to full in a matter of weeks. It appears that the bandwagon is making its nightly rounds and dropping off its passengers at Coors before they’ve even torn the tags off their brand-new gear. Now I’m not a bandwagon hater. Sometimes it takes a push for someone to notice a team that’s been there all along. Sometimes those people turn into great fans (like Doubting Thomas was a pretty great apostle, but there’s a reason we don’t call him Believing Thomas). But there’s not much room for fair-weather fans at Coors Field. Don’t forget those of us who have been there all along.

Pointless Ramblings:

– I’m going to Coors Field for the first time tomorrow! And hopefully again on Monday!
– I move in tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it. My roomies are all going out to dinner tomorrow night but obviously I have something else on the agenda 😀
– My birthday is next Sunday! WHEE!

photo of Jesus statue courtesy of allpics4u.com.

The Opposite of a Rabbit’s Foot; Leavin’

troy cycle upi.jpgWhatever the opposite of a rabbit’s foot is, I am that for the Colorado Rockies. I find it quite unfortunate that each time I open MLB.tv to watch the Rockies game, I worry that they will lose simply because I’ve tuned in.

It’s even more unfortunate because within a week and a half, we’ll be living within miles of each other.

Yes, my friends, I’m leaving for college on August 18th, a mere seven days away. But before I get into that, let’s deal with what happened last night.

I might need therapy to recover from the fact that last night, while I watched the season premiere of Monk and an episode of Warehouse 13, my Troy was pushing for a cycle. And I hate myself for having to watch SportsCenter to see it.

It’s a double-edged sword. If I watch the game, I ditch my parents for the evening and we’ve only really got one week left. If I don’t watch the game, I have the potential to miss very important moments like this one, among others. And I miss that more of their playoff push. On the flip side, I’ll shortly be in CO and I’ll be able to watch whenever I want then, without paying an exorbitant $20/month to watch one game every few nights. So at least there’s that.

In any case, Troy hit for the cycle. Watching it on SportsCenter I had to question how much of it was him and how much was the Cubs’ awful defense. Yes, he ran hard on every ball he hit, and if he hadn’t on the triple he never would have made it. His good baserunning put pressure on the defense, and maybe that’s why Alfonso Soriano made a horrible throw. If Alfonso had made that throw, however, Troy probably would have been out.

The nice thing is, we’ll never know. It’ll go down on record as a cycle, and that’s that. Baseball is like that. Doesn’t matter what could have been, what would have been if this thing happened instead of that other thing. Trust me, I’d know. I spent hours watching September 2007 happen and then trying to understand how October came to a close like it did. No way to know. The end.

In any case, Troy, I’m very proud of you. All of us are.

In other news…

I went to my final home Astros game on Friday against the Brewers. Bud Norris pitched a pretty damn good game, Jason Michaels hit two homers, and the Astros poured the Beermakers down the drain.

The Saturday before that, I went to my first and probably last game at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. I wanted a Salty shirt, but there weren’t any. So then I looked for a Kinsley shirt, and all they had were XLs. So I have a Kinsley shirt that is way too big on me. But I LOVE IT ♥ And then the Rangers lost. But I had so much fun.

I’m leaving on August 18th for my looooong journey northwest. There are five teams on the way up (Fort Worth Cats, Grand Prairie AirHogs, Frisco RoughRiders, Amarillo Dillas, and Colorado Springs SkySox) and NOT ONE of them is home during my drive. Come on, baseball gods, is this some sort of strange punishment for not watching so many Rockies games?

However, despite the animosity shown me by the minor and independent teams, the Colorado Rockies are coming back home on August the 21st, and guess who’s going to be there? I AM! And I think I’ll even make it in time for BP! To top it off, I might be able to make the gameo n the 24th, and guess who’s going to be there? ZACK HAMPLE! So really, it could be the most perfect week of my life if everything comes together correctly.

And then I’m trying to get people together to go to a game on either September 5th or 6th for my belated birthday (August 30). I want to do BP, but at the same time if I have to take the bus I am NOT taking it alone at night. No way, no how. So it might end up being the Sunday game. I really won’t know until I figure things out.

I’ve actually kind of started to pack. It’s weird. I still need to buy a coffeepot, though.

Pointless Ramblings:

– I surprisingly don’t really have any. Yay?

A House Divided; Countdowns Galore


New readers, not that I have many, will note that although my blog header and title both profess a love for the purple-and-silver clad team that makes its home in Coors Field, I talk about the Houston Astros as much or more in every entry.  My profile picture is even me on Coors Field.

To clear up confusion for the lazy ones who haven’t read about me, here it is in a nutshell.  I was born and raised and still live in Houston.  I love everything about Texas except the weather, but I’m headed to Colorado in August for college (more on that later) because it’s the best place to do what I want to do–stare at rocks until they speak to me.  Natural resources, mining, energy, that sort of thing.  I also want to work for NASA, but I digress.

In spring 2007, I fell in love with a young man named Hunter Pence, and consequently I started watching baseball again even though I’d been going to games since I was born.  With this new obsession came a Craig-Biggio-3000th-hit chase, and the Rox were in town then.  I was intrigued by this new team (they were 39-43 at this point) and followed them as best as I could the rest of the year.

coors teensy.jpgHere’s where it gets tricky.  I’m so done with people calling me a bandwagon fan.  Yes, I fell in love with them halfway through a really lucky season.  But that was July.  I am not psychic.  No, I did not predict their World Series run.  I honestly didn’t expect anything; I just observed that their shortstop was smokin’ and kind of based my later fanhood on that.  Let’s be honest: do I sound like a bandwagon fan to you?  Would a bandwagon fan still care two years later?
In any case, fanhood aside, this week and the first week of June are going to be tough weeks for me because I’ve got to watch my two teams fight it out against each other.  I’m not cheering for this series, but when the Rox come here I’m cheering for them because I’m going to have plenty of other opportunities to cheer for the Astros in person.  I’m going to try and get Tulo to sign my jersey shirt, if he doesn’t run away in fear because he recognizes me as “that girl who showed up three days in a row to get a picture and had a big poster.”  Hopefully the short red/teal hair will throw him off the trail 🙂  But I always hate cheering “against” the Astros, so I don’t.  Cheering for one team is not the same thing as cheering against the other team–it’s the difference between hoping someone capitalizes on a mistake and hoping someone makes a mistake.  No ill will here.

In other news…

teensy logo.jpgOne hundred and four days.  Until what?  College, my friend.  The picture to the right is me on the campus wearing my 2007 NL champions sweatshirt that cost me sixty bucks.  It was an unfortunately gray November day and the grass was nasty, but hey, at least it wasn’t twenty-eight degrees anymore like it was when the plane landed.

As far as other important things go, graduation is in five days and my birthday is in 109.  Eighteen days until the Rockies get here.  Twenty-nine until I see the Astros take on the D-Backs in Phoenix.  Thirty-nine until I watch the Rockies battle the Angels.  And I’m also going to some minor league games at some point but I’m not sure when.

Pointless Ramblings:

– I have pink eye.  Isn’t that fun?  Here’s hoping I get rid of it before graduation or all the pictures will have me looking drunk on the left side.
– I’m still coughing like there’s no tomorrow.
– It’s 100 degrees outside.

photos courtesy of… me!

I’ve got good news…

…I was accepted into my number one college.

So if everything goes exactly to plan, next year I will be moving to Colorado.  As I’ve said many times before, I will probably switch the focus of my blog to the Rockies, and the title will probably change just to signal the change of an era of sorts.  I actually have a great title in mind.

Anyway, I just wanted to broadcast my epic excitement to all my four readers!