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Quick Entry For Posterity

So I know I’ve not posted in a while. Between my last post and this one, I’ve been to two home Rox games, started college, and lost both my water bottles in calculus class on the first day.

But here’s a post to tell you some things.

I love all of you. Every last one of you. I enjoyed meeting you, D, and I’m sad that I missed you, Zack. I love talking to all of you and being part of your lives.

College is hard. Starting with new material on day one of calculus is terrifying. Walking onto a campus not knowing anyone except three guys from my high school was probably the scariest thing I’ve ever done, but now I’ve made friends and I’m happy. I’m very attached to my family and watching them drive away was so sad, but I call them every day (twice a day, haha) and I think I’m growing up.

I don’t have laundry detergent, fabric softener sheets, or a desk lamp. I need all of these things. Fortunately I have a wallet with which to bribe friends to drive me places, like Target.

Coors Field is amazing. It’s beautiful, and everyone I met was absolutely wonderful. Unfortunately I realized I have no depth perception when I missed an embarrassingly easy catch at BP on Friday.

I think I’m going to be okay. I’m excited for this next part of my life.

I should be doing physics homework…

In the 5280; A Bible Lesson

GEDC1003.JPGSo guess where I am?

Yep, that’s Denver as I tried to catch it out the car window. After seventeen hours of driving and two stops, our filled-to-the-backs-of-the-front-seats Saturn Vue rolled into Denver, Colorado at around two-ish this afternoon. Six and a half hours later I’m still on a bit of a high. I have danced around and screamed and jumped and waved my arms. An RV honked at me doing my Colorado-dance when I stopped to take a picture with the “welcome to colorful Colorado” sign. It only increased my excited-ness. And the mountains on the way in–through Trinidad on I-25–were breathtaking. And those were just hills by Coloradan standards.

I saw the real mountains passing Pike’s Peak. And then when I saw Denver’s skyline in the distance… I flipped out.

GEDC0980.JPGHere are some interesting things that happened on the way:
— I discovered, as shown on the left, that when one ascends from 42 feet above sea level to 6600 (Canyon, NM, I think maybe?), wrappers and things tend to expand. Like this Starburst, which I found absolutely hysterical and have not yet consumed.
— We stopped at a Thai place in Podunktown, TX (not a real city name) where my pad thai did not taste Thai at all but rather like Cracker Jack.
— I realized that 60 degrees is cold, and I’m not at all prepared for Colorado winters. Then I stopped to get some Under Armour, because, really. I really need it.
— I realized that although I have a coffeepot I don’t have filters, sugar, creamer or coffee. So I went to Target to buy those things and then realized I had no idea what kind of filters it needed. So basically, GO ME and my preparedness.
— I have a “republican” tag hanging off the back of my bike (which is on a bike rack secured to the back of the car) and someone cut it in half. I’m pissed about that. I was probably going to take it off anyway because it’s rusted and dirty as hell, but still. He or she CUT IT WITH SCISSORS. WTF. Just because you don’t agree you go and destroy my property?
— I tried to take a nap five times and only took two. Poo.
— Nothing else interesting happened apart from me and my dad singing along with the radio. That got pretty entertaining.

So here I am, in metro Denver (in a hotel without FSN, which makes me ANGRY, but I get it in my dorm), ready to move in tomorrow. And I should be going to sleep but I don’t know that I could if I wanted to.

In other news…

Statue_Rio6.jpgSometimes when I watch Rockies games I imagine I see Jesus on top of the Rockpile. He’s extending his hands out to the people in the crowd and reminding them of something very important he said in John 20:29.

“Have you come to believe because you have seen me? Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed.”

And I’m thinking that in this case, Jesus is kind of like the Rockies in that the stands are filling up fast with people quickly switching gears and digging out their purple after months of condemning the Rox to the cellar, kind of like Doubting Thomas, who would not believe until he felt the wounds of Christ.

I’ve seen the stands go from empty to full in a matter of weeks. It appears that the bandwagon is making its nightly rounds and dropping off its passengers at Coors before they’ve even torn the tags off their brand-new gear. Now I’m not a bandwagon hater. Sometimes it takes a push for someone to notice a team that’s been there all along. Sometimes those people turn into great fans (like Doubting Thomas was a pretty great apostle, but there’s a reason we don’t call him Believing Thomas). But there’s not much room for fair-weather fans at Coors Field. Don’t forget those of us who have been there all along.

Pointless Ramblings:

– I’m going to Coors Field for the first time tomorrow! And hopefully again on Monday!
– I move in tomorrow. I’m looking forward to it. My roomies are all going out to dinner tomorrow night but obviously I have something else on the agenda 😀
– My birthday is next Sunday! WHEE!

photo of Jesus statue courtesy of allpics4u.com.

Lovin’ Eleven; Summer Nights

upi photo eleven straight.jpgGuys, we’ve won eleven in a row.

Can you even believe it? We’ve survived a tornado warning (my iPod told me about it but I still wasn’t prepared for the gross green sky I saw on BBTN later that night), evaded a sweep in Houston (thanks in part to the lucky Pants?), lived through a horrible family tragedy, and here we are, eleven in a row.

Here we are, making a bid for a .500 season. I don’t know where we started this streak as far as the standings go, but we’re 10.5 games back of a fiery Los Angeles team. I’m in LA right now and for the next two weeks and I’ve been cheering on the Padres and Rangers, much to the dismay of my Dodgertown family.

Here we are, 3.5 games back from the second-place Giants (happy birthday, Tim Lincecum!), and as such, 3.5 games back in the wild card, behind six other teams.

Here I am, in Los Angeles, without MLB.TV. I can Slingbox to my TV at home and watch the Astros, but I can’t do that to magically see my Rockies. If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen the disaster that is my hair. The disaster came yesterday afternoon while I dyed my hair and listened to the Rox on MLB At-Bat. Apparently, a tied game results in blue scalp. But my hair is now blue-black in the front (resulting in comparisons to Collette from Ratatouille, which is fine by me). But MLB Network somehow aired two games a few days ago, and I got to watch the first game of the series.

I’m not sure where all this is going. It’s too early to say. But I’ll keep on cheering and wearing my “meet me at the Rockpile” shirt and listening to games, win or lose.

Let’s go, Rockies.

and can you even believe how cute Tulo looks in that picture? ohmigod

In other news…

I planned my whole entire summer around baseball. I scheduled my LA trip so that I’d be home for the Astros/Rox series, and also so that I’d be here when the Rox come to Anaheim in a few weeks. But for future reference, here’s what’s going on:

Sometime this week: Dodger Stadium to see the A’s. And I might wear my Matt Holliday shirt.
20 June: I’ll probably go to PETCO Park. It’s against the A’s again.
27-28 June: I’ll be in Phoenix for this weekend and I’ll be at Chase Field to see the Diamondbacks take on the Angels. Go Angels, I guess.

Somewhere in there, I’m hoping to go to Lancaster to see the JetHawks, one of the Astros’ farm teams, but I don’t know if that’ll be possible.

I also spent a week touring a few minor league teams in Texas. There are five, I think (Round Rock Express, Corpus Christi Hooks, San Antonio Missions, Midland RockHounds, Frisco RoughRiders) but I only saw the first three of that list. It was so much fun–JR Towles tossed me a ball in Round Rock, for example. The Missions game was probably the best because it was only about two hundred people, and the stadium was really cool and the people were super nice.

Finally, move-in day at college is the 21st of August. I’m going to arrive a few days early, and sometime that week I’ll make my first trip to Coors Field to actually see a game. If you recall, I took a tour of Coors last summer, but I’ve never seen my Rox in action there. So if you happen to attend one of the games that weekend and see a girl running around screaming, chances are, it’s me.

Pointless Ramblings:

cake.jpg – Sorry it’s been three decades since I last posted. Twitter‘s so easy that I forget that I’ve got to blog too.
– The pink eye was gone for graduation. Speaking of which…
– I graduated. I got, among other things, an iPod Touch (which has a purple case), a pair of Bose QuietComfort 2 headphones, and Samsonite luggage. Best holiday ever.
– I just spent $3 on the Weather Channel Max app for my iPod. I love it. See? Pointless.

first image courtesy of UPI Photo
second image courtesy… me

I’m in love…

…with Denver, Colorado, USA.

Oh my Lord.

First, let me address the Astros: I understand the Randy Wolf thing now, thanks to Richard Justice.  Either we have a no. 5 starter for next year, or we get prospects if he leaves.  But I do NOT understand the LaTroy Hawkins thing.  I hate him because he threw at Luke Scott.  Sure, he was a Rockie, but NOBODY THROWS AT LUKE SCOTT.  NOBODY.

Then the rest of the world: Pudge, wtf?!  Farnsy cried?  Ken Griffey, double wtf?  And MANNY TO LOS ANGELES?  CRAPOLA ON A STICK.

Now to Denver:

First of all, I love the Rox.  I was so happy to be able to listen to the games (couldn’t watch because we were going to dinner with family all over the place).

But aside from just their MLB team, I love the city.  Downtown was so much fun.  D’Deli in Golden was fantastic, and Avenue Grill on 17th is my new favorite restaurant.  Ted’s Montana Grill in Littleton was also really good.

Visited the Mint, the school (love it! must go there), the geology museum, and the Zoo.  But most importantly, I went on a tour of COORS FIELD:

IMG00010.jpgFrom across the street as we approached.


En route to the clubhouse.  Yeah, I guess I kinda sorta had “credentials.”

IMG00137.jpgThe visitors’ clubhouse.


The visitors’ batting cage.

View from the dugout.


The lineup card from the NLDS.

The inside of one of the suites.


The “Rockies Road” sign.  Fare thee well, beautiful Coors Field, until we meet again next year.

Really.  I loved it.  Loved the school.  Loved the city.  The people weren’t particularly nice, but they were nicer than in California.

More about actual baseball later.