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Hey, kids…

…I’m sort of kind of backish.

Although I did get sick again, even after recovering from the first bout.

Anyway, I haven’t really been paying too much attention to baseball at all–too focused on school–but here are some tidbits to get you through this week until I fall back into my routine.

dan uggla bobbles it.jpgPoor Dan Uggla.  Since the All-Star Game, he’s been batting .189 and has made a ton of errors/screwed up a bunch of plays.  I really want to reprise my “Oh, Dan Uggla…” entry and just cross-country hug him.  Obviously he’s been very stressed out since then, poor baby deer.

That’s really the only explanation I can come up with.  I mean, he was kicking butt and taking names before the Game, and once he reverted to the early stages of Little League during the ASG he just has NOT been his wonderful, Uggla-y self.

I miss the old Danny Uggla.

Good job last night, Astros.  Despite the hitters making a very subpar Randy Wolf look passable, we pulled it out and really gritted our teeth for this win.  A job well done, boys.

Also a good job to the Rockies.  We might actually… oh my God… finish above or near .500 this year.  Don’t worry, I just knocked on wood.  I am the most superstitious girl you will ever meet–I still maintain that the reason the Rockies got swept in the World Series because I wasn’t wearing my medal… or my purple socks.

Anywho, time for some ice cream and sleep.

Oh, Dan Uggla…

…I wish I could hate you.

You didn’t purposefully do anything to lose the game–that would have been silly.  You were just nervous–I would have been too.

dan uggla.pngBut, oh, Dan Uggla.

If you didn’t have those huge doe eyes, I would hate you.  But I can’t.  I wish I could hate you like I hate Aaron Rowand for flying out in the bottom of the ninth with two outs and bases loaded last ASG–yeah, I remember crap like that.  I hold grudges, and I will until the National League wins another All-Star Game (yeah, right).

But those eyes… they cut me to the core.

So I’ll simply settle for feeling really, really sorry for you and wanting to adopt your adorable child.  And maybe someday I’ll meet you and give you a hug.  That would be fun!