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Live Bloggage: 26 September 2008, Braves @ Astros

I know I said I was live blogging Sunday, and I will.  But I decided since I had nothing better to watch tonight I would also live blog this game.  So here I am, live blogging.  Go ‘Stros!

6:59 PM: I love Brownie and JD.  “Tragic number.”  Damn straight.

7:01 PM: THE ROOF IS OPEN?!?!?!  Awwwww!  I wish I were there 😦  Last open-roof game I was at was the Rockies games.  Oh, and I prepared my ice cream and brought it upstairs to the fridge in the study where the HD TV is so I can just get up, get it and not go downstairs!  YAY!

7:03 PM: You know, it’s mathematically possible.  We could do this.

7:05 PM: Josh Anderson is batting lead for the Braves… I have his rookie card.  I miss him 😦  And they miked the 3B umpire!

7:07 PM: I don’t understand why baseball players can wear jewelry.  Every time I’ve played sports they’ve actually checked us.  I love cross necklaces as much as the next guy–I have one–but having them swinging free during the game seems risky.

7:09 PM: Good job, boys.  Why does Brian Moehler always wear that mock turtleneck?  Justin Miller rule on his neck or something?

7:11 PM: Seriously, the Astros are WINNING and the stadium’s half empty.  As Jay Bruce reminded me on Tuesday, there kind of was a hurricane, but I mean, really.  Most of the city has power back, and gas is easy to get now.  I don’t understand.

7:12 PM: I’m not sure if I love Kaz Matsui.  Loved him with the Rox, but he seems to get hurt all the time.  In any case, he got the first hit on the first pitch of the game… yay!

7:13 PM: DAMN!  Michael Bourn tried to bunt Kaz over and the Braves botched it, so he made it to second and Kaz scored!  1-0 Astros.

7:16 PM: Only one run, but we got some good wood on the ball every time, so hopefully we can make it happen again!  Go ‘Stros.

7:19 PM: “White is the official color of the Telestrator Union.”  I LOVE JD.  What am I going to do in the offseason when I can’t hear his voice every day?  And Brian, why did you walk Brian?  And Joe West umpire man, you sure were right about the hurricane screwing our schedule.

7:21 PM: DP=good.  And apparently Joe West is a singer.  Didn’t know that.  They actually played part of one of his songs.  It was… entertaining.

7:27 PM: I really need to see Bull Durham.  Every couple of games the media crew quizzes the team about it.  I wanna know what they’re talking about.  And they’re getting us really cool close-ups of Campillo’s hand as he holds the pitch.

7:29 PM: WIGGY!  I LOVE YOU!  2-0 ‘Stros.

7:36 PM: I could do without the really annoying reporters that they send into the stands to talk to people, like the guy who caught Wiggy’s homer.  They can go away.

7:39 PM: I really wish our playoff destiny depended more on our successes than other teams’ failures.  And I hate that nobody is mentioning us in the NL Wild Card race.  I mean, honestly.  Mathematically…

7:43 PM: Michael Bourn gets an infield hit.  OH yeah, I’m lovin’ it.

7:46 PM: I can see a huge star outside my window at about 25 degrees to the southwest.

7:48 PM: DAMN.  That was awesome.  Lance flied out to the warning track in center and Bourn scored from second.  He’s freaking fast.  I need to find a video of that and link it tomorrow. 3-0 Astros.

7:49 PM: While the Moveable Type system was posting the last update, Geoff Blum GRDd into the bullpen!  YAY!

7:51 PM: And Hunter doubles Geoff in!!  4-0 Astros.

7:54 PM: Whoop whoop!

7:56 PM: Bye-bye no-hitter.  It was fun while it lasted 🙂

8:03 PM: Crap, loaded bases.  Crap crap crap.

8:04 PM: CRAP!  4-2 Astros.  Wiggy could have made that play but someone still would have scored, so that’s not a humongous deal.  I still love Josh Anderson.

8:06 PM: Why would you put Chris Sampson in when it’s hurting him to pitch?  That’s STUPID!  In any case, he’s in the bullpen, not quite in yet, but Brian’s having a tough time in this inning.  Oh, and try dipping Chips Ahoy cookies in coffee and then freezing them.  YUM.

8:08 PM: Somebody wrote “ILY” in the dirt along the first-base line.  Kinda cool.  I wonder who it was.

8:11 PM: JD makes a good point.  Humberto Quintero loves to throw to first, and he made it this far without throwing to first.  And then he tried to pick off Omar Infante.  Three innings, I’m proud, Q.

8:19 PM: Took Campillo out and Carlyle kept the inning scoreless.

8:23 PM: WOW, Kaz Matsui just made a fantastic play when the ball bounced past Brian.  Good job, Kazuo.

8:24 PM: Immediately followed by a brilliant Michael Bourn play!  Good job!!

8:32 PM: I love the Little Pumas.  They’re so cute.  I wanna be one.  Go Big Puma!

8:34 PM: Damn, Casey Kotchman robbed the Puma!

8:36 PM: According to JD, there was another successful proposal during Kiss Cam! YAY!

8:43 PM: Bye bye Brian.  He touched his cap and should have actually removed it and tipped it, but oh well.  I love the guy.  Bringing in a lefty–Wesley Wright?

8:45 PM: Nope, Tim Byrdak.  Why do I always forget him?  And why does he always wear those goggles that Tulo often feels the compulsion to wear?  I don’t know.

8:48 PM: Oh my God, y’all.  I’m SO TIRED.  I almost fell asleep in Astronomy today, which is my favorite class, and we were watching a film about Antarctica!  It was so interesting but I’m SO DAMN TIRED!

8:51 PM: Haha, Wiggy ripped one for Jose Cruz and he ducked down and they were both laughing and everybody did the “CRUUUUUUUUUUUZ” in the stadium.  Sweet!

9:00 PM: I love Doug Brocail.  He seems like a geniunely nice man.  Speaking of nice men, Dan posted the cutest picture I have ever seen in my entire life of Matt and Jackson Holliday.

9:08 PM: Oh, Joe West the umpire man was singing along with “Deep in the Heart of Texas” during the 7th inning stretch.  I love this whole microphone idea.

9:12 PM: GAWD Miguel Tejada is so slow.

9:15 PM: Miggy just broke the NL record of 31 GIDP in a year, and last I saw Roy had the ball in the dugout and was writing on it in red Sharpie.

9:22 PM: Oh, fudge.  4-3 Astros.  Why did we trade Josh Anderson for crapola Oscar Villareal again?

9:27 PM: GOSH I wish I could read lips so I could tell what LaTroy Hawkins (aka Mr. I-Threw-At-Luke-Scott) was saying to Dewey Robinson.

9:28 PM: The Yankees gave $1 million to Hurricanes Gustav and Ike relief.  JD had it right… “If they keep that up, we’re going to have to stop hating the Yankees.”  Dang I hate the Yankees.  And thank God that only one run scored in that disastrous inning.

9:31 PM: Oh that was weird.  Lance barely tapped it halfway between the mound and the plate and Bennett and McCann both think the other is going for it, so nobody gets it and Lance makes it to first.  Sweet.

9:35 PM: Oh sh!t.  Brewers are winning.

9:41 PM: I love watching José Valverde pitch.

9;49 PM: OH CRAP!  4-4 tie.  DAMN IT.

9:50 PM: Well, the umps met and decided Brandon Jones was out, so at least there are two outs instead of just one.  A weird play.

9:59 PM: Still tied.  I would really like a walkoff win so that I can go to
sleep.  I’m so exhausted.

10:03 PM: I LOVE YOU DARIN ERSTAD.  5-4 Astros!  He kept trying to get out of the huddle but he couldn’t haha.

And that’s the end.

A house divided against itself…

…cannot stand.

So how am I still standing?

It was a rough weekend for me, because in a house, nay, city full of Astros fans I was sitting alone in my room watching the Rockies lose twice.  It was the saddest thing to watch Jeff Francis pitch so spectacularly and get a loss, especially because he’s on my fantasy team and I have no room for error as I battle it out for the seventh place spot.

On the positive side, the Astros really pulled it together.  Impressive pinch hits from Darin (♥) and David Newhan helped out a lot, and fantastic pitching by MY LOVE THE ONE AND ONLY JACK CASSEL (more on him later).  Brad Hawpe had a bunch of very key hits, and Jeff and Ubaldo (not so much Jorge) pitched fantastic games.

On the downside, Wandy’s hurt.  That can’t be good.  Troy Trevor has gone like, a week without a homer, and is 1-for-14 since his last home run.  Manny Corpas still sucks, and Jorge de la Rosa is Mr. Inconsistent.

Now for…


jack cassel.jpgPretty much if you’ve ever read this blog you know of my love for Jack Cassel.  If you don’t, here’s a little backstory of my adoration of no. 20.

I met Jack at Spring Training this last year.  I had no idea who he was when he signed my hat (other than he was ADORABLE, and still is), so when I got back to the hotel I checked the Astros’ roster.  Turns out he went to Loyola Marymount University, which is one of the colleges I was looking at at the time.  I asked him about it the next day and he provided no resounding endorsement, and we chatted as he signed random items for other people.  Long story short, he is such a sweetheart, and he and his brother both had a collective big day yesterday.  Tom Brady went down and Matt Cassel, Jack’s little bro who has been Brady’s backup for four years, came in and took over the game (and the Patriots won).  Wandy went down and Jack took over, and the Astros won.  And there’s another Cassel brother, Justin, who is in the White Sox system right now.  And, and, there’s more.  You know it’s not important unless The Dugout has done a piece on it, and guess what?  They have.  And it’s hilarious and well-written.  And if you don’t yet read The Dugout, you should.

So enough gushing about Jack Cassel.  How about we gush about Troy Tulowitzki?

Nah, I won’t subject my non-existant readers to more of that than I already have–except to say that he has a LOT of weird tics, like pushing his jersey up all the time.

So all in all, it was a mediocre weekend that resulted in my heart being ripped in twain by the Boys in Purple and the Boys in Red.

Thursday I’m going to the game and I’m hoping I’ll get a chance to talk to Jack :]

Until then, keep it spiffy.

There’s losing…

…and then there’s “retro-losing.”

Yes, last night the ‘Stros had on their retro “rainbow guts” uniforms and THE GAME WASN’T TELEVISED.  I have never been so cranky.  I can’t believe I missed it!  I wish the ‘Stros wore their retro uniforms on Sunday like some teams (Phillies, Blue Jays?) do.

And they retro-lost.

Oh, we came close.  But Doug Brocail let the game go.  Oh, Dougie.  You had been so solid this entire year (except for that Jeter home run).  Your recent ERA of 1-ish had been supporting my fantasy team.  Oh, Dougie.

How could you?

Once again Wandy goes the distance (ish) and pitches a GREAT game and we can’t get him a W.

Our record in one-run games sucks (10-14), and so does our record in extras (1-1).  1-1, you say, that’s .500!  NO, my friend.  That means that we can’t get games close enough to make it into extras.  Vomit.

But then again, I don’t know much about the rest of this game, considering that I couldn’t watch any of it except Carlos Lee’s homer.

albers.pngWhere Is He Now?

I decided that I absolutely had to get Matt Albers in here, so here he is.  Last year was my first year “in baseball,” (OHMIGOSH yes I’ve only been a fan for a year but believe me, I’ve made up for lost time) and my dad and I literally would sit and talk about the team.  We both decided that Matt was going to play a key role in the Astros’ future and rotation.  Well, Matt was another part of that heartbreaking trade for Miguel Tejada.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Miggy, but I was crushed to hear that three of my favorite Astros, Luke Scott, Dennis Sarfate, and Matt had been traded to Baltimore.  I wouldn’t even get to see them at Spring Training!  So now Matt is excelling in orange, posting an ERA of 2.77.  His strikeout-to-walk ratio isn’t very good (25/21) but apparently, it doesn’t matter.  He’s kicking butt and taking names as a reliable arm in the Oriole bullpen, and I couldn’t be prouder of the 23rd round pick.  Good job, Matt.

And now it’s time for Pointless Ramblings.  I do it so often that I decided to name it.  And bold it.  WOW.

1.  Do I really need to reiterate my love for Darin Erstad?  His two stellar defensive plays on Friday were just that–stellar.  I love this guy.
2.  Oh my God.  Tulo came back on Friday, just as they said he would.  I watched his at-bats from the last two games, and my heart swelled.  I’ve never felt such happiness watching a player play.  And the Rox are still wearing those black jerseys.  I say throw away the others and just wear the lucky blacks.  Except the grays with the purple pinstripes are my faves.
3.  I’m watching last night’s Baseball Tonight.  Two things: Shawn Marcum is hot, and C.C. Sabathia hit a homer!  Even more evidence that the DH is silly.  I love it.
4.  The glove trick worked from the third floor balcony to the ground.  Now I just have to actually get it to a park.  We’ll see how it works out.
5.  Another pitcher gets hit in the face.
6.  UBALDO!  And the Rox went back-to-back… and Tulo got a hit.

That’s it, really.

I have to admit…

…I still love Luke Scott.  I wish we could have lost all three games to the O’s and won all three against the Stankees.  The O’s are my favorite AL team, after all.

That game was the least pathetic game we’ve had in a while.  Of course, five days after I dropped Brian Moehler because he stank it up, he tossed 6 innings of 1-run ball, but whatever.  Darin Erstad’s doing better for my team anyway.

I hate it when people gripe about AL pitchers batting in interleague play.  I think the DH is the stupidest rule ever because it takes a lot of strategy out of the game.  You don’t need to be careful putting pinch hitters in so you don’t waste all your players, and you don’t need to make double switches to put a new pitcher in behind the next batter.  YES, pitchers can and do get hurt batting in interleague play.  But guess what?  Every day, NL pitchers bat FINE.  YES, NL pitchers bat every time they start (unless he’s Jason Jennings in that 11-run 2/3 inning last year against the Padres) and they’re more used to it.

But I think a pitcher should not be a guaranteed out.  Look at Micah Owings, Carlos Zambrano, and Brandon Backe.  Hell, look at Dan Haren last night.  Pitchers can and do get hits.  And these guys don’t get hurt doing it.

Obviously, there’s a problem.  AL pitchers almost never take batting practice, so their risk of getting hurt is very high when they’re batting.  NL pitchers always take BP, and because of it they rarely get hurt doing routine things like, oh, I don’t know, turning a corner rounding third.  Interleague play (and the World Series) is rarely fair because the rule stays in favor of the home team, and the away team has to make adjustments to their everyday playing style.  Admittedly, the Stankees did sweep the ‘Stros, and that stunk.  But still.  Until someone gets rid of the DH in the AL or enforces it in the NL, there’s always going to be an argument, and being a National League girl, I’m always going to hate it.

In other news…

I decided to make a glove trick like Zack Hample’s.  I don’t know if it’s because I have a softball glove and not a baseball glove or what, but I really had to work to get it to keep a hold on the ball.  I’m proud, though, and it works great.  I need to try it off my balcony and see how it holds up.  I wonder if I can use it at Minute Maid Park?

Fighting off the Dodger Blue…

…because I’m in Los Angeles for a week, visiting my family.

Fortunately, the Rox are coming out next week so I’ll get to go watch them play.  Tulo, of course, will not play, but I bet he’ll take batting practice.  In all likelihood, if he sees me, he will take out a restraining order.  When he saw me at the last game of the Stros/Rox series, he kind of rolled his eyes.  I don’t think he likes me.

OHMIGOD.  CLAYTON KERSHAW.  Allow me to take a brief girly break and note that HE IS GORGEOUS.  And Texan.  Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.  GOSH he is adorable.

Now that I’ve finished that…

How about Darin Erstad?!  I mean, I knew about his secret life as a Gold Glover (cue superhero theme song) but HONESTLY, that was an amazing play.  I saw it on Baseball Tonight and was absolutely astonished.  Snaps for Darin!

I’m glad to see Hunter Pence continually proving that the sophomore curse is over!  I am very pleased with his recent performance.

What is up with pitchers getting hit by batters lately?  First Chris Young’s face gets mooshed and now José Valverde?  What the heck?!  Poor Chris Young!  Just reading about what happened internally made my empty stomach turn.  Have I mentioned that I am used to eating breakfast at what would be 3:30 AM here?  I’m starving (it’s 9:19).

Ordinarily I would do a Where Is He Now? right here, but the Houston Chronicle absolutely snarfed my idea.  So I’ll do an update–Luke Scott hit a two-run homer last night!!  Stupid Joseph Duarte.

I have hot pancakes on the table right now so an update after I catch the Dodgers game.  Did I mention–no MLB Extra Innings?  So even more no-Stros until I get home and have cable.