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“Put out to pasture…

…or, How Kylie Feels About Being Mathematically Eliminated.”

That’s a title I recently used for a short story, minus my name of course.

I can’t lie.  I will always, always love my boys, win or lose.  But nothing hurts like being officially eliminated.  Last year it didn’t matter because they sucked so bad that the playoffs weren’t an issue.  We all started this year out with big hopes and were very disappointed very quickly when things came out of the gate without the requisite “bang.”  After the All-Star Break, things turned around.  These last few weeks were like a honeymoon with a team finally playing as a cohesive unit and winning games.

And then the hurricane came.  Drayton didn’t believe that it would come our way, and the suits in charge took too long to make a decision.  Men whose families and property were in danger were expected to play games at a hostile “neutral site.”  We were no-hit and our momentum destroyed in Miller Park, which might as well have been Wrigley Field.

We should have played somewhere like Arlington, for example, but complaining about that won’t get us back into the race.  Nothing will.  I just wish our playoff fate didn’t depend on other teams’ failures.  We could win every game left in the season and still not make it.  I really hope they have a fanfest.  I can’t stand to let it end this way, especially without having tickets to the last two games.  It just kills me to have come so far, accomplished so much without really accomplishing anything.

In the long run, which is what is important anyway, we have accomplished so much.  We have improved significantly since last year, which was a year of epic disappointment.  We had a good draft, signed our players, and made some very important deals.  The Randy Wolf trade looks ten thousand times better than it did when it was made, and as much as I hate LaTroy Hawkins, he’s been a boon to the team.

This is different than watching the Rockies in the World Series.  That was just sad because they lost all their momentum and tanked.  The Astros regained their momentum, but unfortunately, outside circumstances stopped them in their happy tracks.

I hate that nobody on any of the major networks gave us credit.  All the Wild Card coverage on ESPN was focused solely on the Mets and the Brewers.  Just because it would have been difficult does not mean it would have been impossible.

I love Brian Moehler.  Seeing his interview now on FSN makes me want to cry because he sounds like he’s going to cry.  This is what these guys live and breathe for.  The only analogy I can make in my own life is like working towards my degree and having someone snatch the diploma out of my hands on graduation day.  It’s heart-wrenching.

I love my boys.  Win or lose, they’re still my boys.  I will always love them, and I am so proud of how far they have come and how far they have fought and will keep fighting, because I know they will not give up just because it’s over.

How better to go down than with a walk-off?  We’re Texans.  We ain’t ever giving up.  We’re going out with a bang, damnit.

I love you, Astros.