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It’s a rubber game…

…and hopefully the outcome bounces our way.

Quickly, before I address the game, some tidbits from the Chronicle this morning.

McLane was adamant that Chacon will never return to the Astros.

“Absolutely not,” McLane said. “If you shoved a policeman down
or any other public servant, can you imagine shoving a principal in a
school? It was in full view of several players. Players pulled Chacon
and restrained him. There’s absolutely no way. You can’t defy
authority. Even if he disagreed with what they wanted him to do, he
should have had the courage to sit down and talk to him.”

And from Richard Justice’s blog:

“This wasn’t Ed Wade’s finest hour, either… To resort to yelling and cursing reflects a lack of maturity
on his part as well… The Astros were perfectly justified to punish Chacon, but Drayton
McLane would be equally justified in asking some hard questions about
Wade’s behavior. His yelling doesn’t give Chacon an excuse to resort to
violence, but it’s no way someone in his position should be behaving.

“If Chacon had only argued or yelled or used words. Anyway, the Astros went into the Chacon deal knowing there was the potential for trouble.
He’d worn his welcome out at a few stops along the way, but apparently
had never done anything like this. He’s one of those guys with all
kinds of talent, but a guy that always seems to disappoint people.”

I didn’t know that Clint Hurdle became fed up with his behavior.  I knew he was a jerk but really, Clint Hurdle didn’t like him?  That should have been a warning sign right there.  I love Clint Hurdle 🙂

So it’s really both of their faults.  Ed Wade shouldn’t have behaved like a child, and Chacon shouldn’t have behaved like a teenager.

Well, we’re not going to be able to trade him now, so I say release him and bring Runelvys Hernandez up.  They’d been wondering who to demote in his place, so just demote the loose cannon and bring up a solid guy.  He’s not Jack Cassel, though.

Back to normal life…

Went to the game on Tuesday.  It was fun.  Tried to get Josh Hamilton to sign my SI but he signed way far away from where I was standing.  That was sad.  But we won.  José Valverde gave up a homer (big surprise there), but we still won.  And last night we lost.  I didn’t watch any of it–I was watching “The Baby Borrowers”–and I’m glad.  It seemed like a frustrating game.

So hopefully they win tonight, right?  Ooh, except “Last Comic Standing” is on… I’m glad we have a TiVo.

Rox lost.  Bleh.


Coop was right…

…it is embarrassing.

I attended four games last week, and we lost all four.

The first was the Wednesday game against the Brew Crew.  That was the slugfest that I already blogged about.

The second was the Thursday (took me four tries to spell “Thursday”… this calls for a nap) game against the same.  And it was another slugfest that we lost.  Oh yeah, and thanks a lot, Brian Moehler, for making me lose all my fantasy pitching games last week because of your craptacular performance.  I lost the WHIP game by 0.10.  Is that sad or what?  Fortunately, I dropped him an hour after arriving home and added Darin Erstad, and since then my lineup’s been doing well.  I lost overall last week but it was 4 to 5, so I rose from 13th out of 14 to 12th!  It’s a slow climb to the top, though.

The third was the Friday game against the Stankees.  Let me take a moment out to say…  I HATE THE STANKEES.  However, I love Derek Jeter, which made it hard when he hit that home run off of Doug Brocail (also on my fantasy team).  And we lost.  We lost to Joba Chamberlain.  What the crap?

And the fourth was the Sunday game, also against the Stankees.  I am sickened with my team’s recent performance.  I believe there were only about 8,000 people left in the park after the eight-run sixth.

I got absolutely no balls at batting practice from any of these games.  Well, on Sunday I went with someone and didn’t have my ticket to get in early, so I didn’t get into BP, and I didn’t make it early enough on Wednesday, and Thursday was a day game.  But I did get Michael Bourn’s autograph on Wednesday.  He seemed nice enough, even though every time I encountered him at Spring Training he always said, “I gotta go” four or five times while denying every fan an autograph.  Punk.

dan wheeler.jpgWhere Is He Now?

Oh my goodness, Dan Wheeler has officially been beastified.  His WHIP is 0.98 and his ERA is just a hair above 2.  It appears that we’ve run into yet another case of “the Astros traded a guy away and guess what?  he’s freaking amazing.”  Mostly it’s pitchers, like Brad Lidge, Chad Qualls, and you know what?  Matt Albers isn’t doing poorly either.  I’ve got to get him in my blog somehow.  Anyway, the former ‘Stro who was known for pushing the poor, innocent, perfectly lovely Chris Sampson in the dugout has been making batters look stupid in the AL East, and good thing too because there’s nothing I want more than someone other than the Stankees and the Red Sox on top of that division.  I love the O’s too, but that’s mostly because of Luke and Dennis and Matt and Troy… sorry, Mike Costanzo, I had (and still have) really no idea who you are.  So, in any case, Dan Wheeler is doing well for himself in the Sunshine State.

A few random notes:
1.  Why the hell don’t they sell Darin Erstad t-shirts in the team store?  Ever since I found out that Hunter Pence is dating a “bunny,” I have lost all respect for him.  Darin, a player I became a big fan of immediately following his signing, rose to the top in my Astros player lovefest.  He’s amazing.
2.  I’m hoping to get a chance to go see Coors Field this summer.
3.  Tulo’s coming back this week, probably!  YAY!
4.  Oh. My. God.  I officially have a nerdcrush on Zack Hample.  I got bored one day and saw his blog on the MLBlogs.com front page, and I started reading it… from the first entry in 2005.  He’s a beast.

I’m 99% sure that this is everything for today, and I have laundry to do.  I’m going to be at a Rangers game or two next week with my “Hamilton is my hero” sign trying to get him to sign my issue of SI, so we’ll see.  I adore Josh Hamilton.