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Bad Clay Hensley… is Bad; Hating Scott Boras

bad clay hensley.jpg

Okay, I’m sure there’s a reason the Astros signed this guy.  But it wasn’t because he gave up eight runs last night against the Mets.  Maybe it was because his ERA last year was 5+?  Oh, no, no, it’s because he’s from Tomball!

Who remembers Jason Jennings?  Yeah, Rockies fans remember the dominant Jennings who won NL Rookie of the Year honors.  But I’m sure you’ll also remember sitting at home laughing when Jennings gave up a bazillion eleven runs in 2/3 an inning against the Padres in 2007 while Willy Taveras tore up Coors Field being awesome and Taylor Buchholz and Jason Hirsh pitched solidly.  Since I am both an Astros and a Rockies fan, I remember hating Tim Purpura for making the trade.  But now I look back on it and think.  Jason Jennings is doing nil.  He’s hopping from minor league contract to minor league contract.  Jason Hirsh is hurt almost all the time.  Taylor Buchholz is doing pretty well, but Willy Taveras was non-tendered and struggled in 2008.  This trade pretty much broke even.

Where was I going with this?  Well, a lot of people said that we traded for Jennings just because he is from Dallas and went to Baylor.  Those people generally didn’t know that Jennings was ROY in 2002 and was extremely beastin’ while with the Rox (all-time winningest pitcher), but I think they might have had a good point.  I feel like the Astros are a little bit obsessed with local talent.  Now, that’s not the only reason that we signed Clay Hensley, obviously–we have to have seen something in him–but he was God-awful last night.  He single-handedly gave up eight runs in one inning against the Mets.  I actually stopped watching my recording of the game because it got so bad–the final was 13-1 Mets.  Good Lord.

nasty manny.jpgIn other news:

Well, Scott Boras and the Dodgers have come to a standstill over his blockbuster client, Manny Ramirez.  Am I the only one screaming for the Dodgers to leave him alone?

I mean, not only do I want the Dodgers to SUCK so the Rox can have a remote chance to do something in the standings, but I feel like the Dodgers’ obvious desperation to sign ManRam is playing exactly into Scott Boras’ nasty, grubby, disgusting greedy hands.  Time and time again, Scott Boras has proven that he can get what he wants.  When a team, like the Dodgers here, decides they want Manny and make it public, Boras will do whatever he can to milk the most money out of the team.  I feel like if we just leave Manny alone, Boras will get desperate and lower the offer, or nobody will sign ManRam and the manipulative agent will have learned his lesson.

Pointless Ramblings:

I spent all day yesterday at the Houston College Classic, so I’ll put some pictures and whatnot up later today or tomorrow.  I have to find my SD card reader.

both photos courtesy of the Associated Press