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Please forgive me…

…because I am a fail at updating.

So here’s what’s going on in Astroland:

valverde.jpgShould we trade José Valverde?  Personally, I’m going to go with YES.  He’s a great closer but if we’re offloading salary (which we have to since they didn’t raise ticket prices for 2009), toss him.  There are teams who want him (Indians?), and if anybody out there wants a disturbingly emotional closer who might be one of the funniest men I’ve ever met and has great minor leaguers to offer in return, let’s talk.  I’m not sure if Justice was just blowing hot air but it seems like a good idea.  I wonder who we would replace him with?  Wesley Wright is not a viable option, because great roller coaster seasons do not good pitchers make.  LaTroy Hawkins, maybe–he only gave up one run last year for us, but we’ve only got him for one year so we’ll need to find a backup plan for that.  Geoff Geary?  He pitched pretty well last year but didn’t pitch enough for me to make a confident call.  Or do we bring someone in from the outside?  I really don’t know.  What do you think?  Who could we possibly find?

wiggy.jpgShould we trade Ty Wigginton?  I’m honestly not sure.  Who would we replace him with?  I’m a little averse to this idea simply because of his phenomenal year last year.  We might be able to move Mark Saccomanno, who hit a homer on the first major league pitch he ever saw, to third, but, then again, I don’t know much about moving players.  There are many options from within: Darin Erstad, Geoff Blum, and David Newhan could all play third, to name a few.  I suppose it would be the same thing as Valverde–for great prospects (and Wiggy wouldn’t pull as many as Valverde, which is why I’m not sure about this), well, why the heck not?  He is a great guy, as are so many of our players, but personality can, too, be replaced (although that might be the last time you ever hear me say that, and I’ll never own up to it).  I suppose we’ll see what Uncle Drayton Ed Wade decides to do.

So if you watch Rachael Ray, which I hope you don’t, a bunch of women from Houston are getting married today in Minute Maid Park because their weddings were interrupted by Hurricane Ike.  That will be interesting to watch.

Why will I be watching Rachael instead of going to school?  Because I have an upper respiratory infection!  YAY!  Fever plus horrid cough equals sitting at home watching too much Sportscenter.  And maybe some Discovery Channel.  But really, I feel like crapola, so I think I’m going to leave you with a question and go take a nap.

If Major League Baseball were to create another pair of expansion teams, what cities would be chosen and why?

It’s a rubber game…

…and hopefully the outcome bounces our way.

Quickly, before I address the game, some tidbits from the Chronicle this morning.

McLane was adamant that Chacon will never return to the Astros.

“Absolutely not,” McLane said. “If you shoved a policeman down
or any other public servant, can you imagine shoving a principal in a
school? It was in full view of several players. Players pulled Chacon
and restrained him. There’s absolutely no way. You can’t defy
authority. Even if he disagreed with what they wanted him to do, he
should have had the courage to sit down and talk to him.”

And from Richard Justice’s blog:

“This wasn’t Ed Wade’s finest hour, either… To resort to yelling and cursing reflects a lack of maturity
on his part as well… The Astros were perfectly justified to punish Chacon, but Drayton
McLane would be equally justified in asking some hard questions about
Wade’s behavior. His yelling doesn’t give Chacon an excuse to resort to
violence, but it’s no way someone in his position should be behaving.

“If Chacon had only argued or yelled or used words. Anyway, the Astros went into the Chacon deal knowing there was the potential for trouble.
He’d worn his welcome out at a few stops along the way, but apparently
had never done anything like this. He’s one of those guys with all
kinds of talent, but a guy that always seems to disappoint people.”

I didn’t know that Clint Hurdle became fed up with his behavior.  I knew he was a jerk but really, Clint Hurdle didn’t like him?  That should have been a warning sign right there.  I love Clint Hurdle 🙂

So it’s really both of their faults.  Ed Wade shouldn’t have behaved like a child, and Chacon shouldn’t have behaved like a teenager.

Well, we’re not going to be able to trade him now, so I say release him and bring Runelvys Hernandez up.  They’d been wondering who to demote in his place, so just demote the loose cannon and bring up a solid guy.  He’s not Jack Cassel, though.

Back to normal life…

Went to the game on Tuesday.  It was fun.  Tried to get Josh Hamilton to sign my SI but he signed way far away from where I was standing.  That was sad.  But we won.  José Valverde gave up a homer (big surprise there), but we still won.  And last night we lost.  I didn’t watch any of it–I was watching “The Baby Borrowers”–and I’m glad.  It seemed like a frustrating game.

So hopefully they win tonight, right?  Ooh, except “Last Comic Standing” is on… I’m glad we have a TiVo.

Rox lost.  Bleh.

Fighting off the Dodger Blue…

…because I’m in Los Angeles for a week, visiting my family.

Fortunately, the Rox are coming out next week so I’ll get to go watch them play.  Tulo, of course, will not play, but I bet he’ll take batting practice.  In all likelihood, if he sees me, he will take out a restraining order.  When he saw me at the last game of the Stros/Rox series, he kind of rolled his eyes.  I don’t think he likes me.

OHMIGOD.  CLAYTON KERSHAW.  Allow me to take a brief girly break and note that HE IS GORGEOUS.  And Texan.  Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.  GOSH he is adorable.

Now that I’ve finished that…

How about Darin Erstad?!  I mean, I knew about his secret life as a Gold Glover (cue superhero theme song) but HONESTLY, that was an amazing play.  I saw it on Baseball Tonight and was absolutely astonished.  Snaps for Darin!

I’m glad to see Hunter Pence continually proving that the sophomore curse is over!  I am very pleased with his recent performance.

What is up with pitchers getting hit by batters lately?  First Chris Young’s face gets mooshed and now José Valverde?  What the heck?!  Poor Chris Young!  Just reading about what happened internally made my empty stomach turn.  Have I mentioned that I am used to eating breakfast at what would be 3:30 AM here?  I’m starving (it’s 9:19).

Ordinarily I would do a Where Is He Now? right here, but the Houston Chronicle absolutely snarfed my idea.  So I’ll do an update–Luke Scott hit a two-run homer last night!!  Stupid Joseph Duarte.

I have hot pancakes on the table right now so an update after I catch the Dodgers game.  Did I mention–no MLB Extra Innings?  So even more no-Stros until I get home and have cable.

Who are you…

…and what have you done with the 2007 Astros?

And most importantly–what do you want in return?  Because surely you couldn’t just give a city in despair something as valuable as this 2008 team and not want anything back.

Brian Moehler.  After sitting through 16 innings of tied game against the Mets last year, I resented this man for the two runs he gave up.  We lost.  But last night was a different story–I cannot believe how well he did.  Snaps for Brian!

Lance Berkman.  The man has put the slow-start-curse far, far, far behind him.

Miguel Tejada.  I knew he was good… but I didn’t know he was quite this good.

Hunter Pence.  Has hit.  His stride.  And his socks.  Are sexy.

José Valverde.  I think he is back for real.

Where Is He Now?

Today, we will visit Mike Lamb, ex-Astros third baseman/utility player/all-around beast, current Minnesota Twins third baseman.

Yeah, maybe his average is lower than it’s been any time soon, but I really wish we had signed him instead of Mark Loretta.  I like his style.  He’s like a skinny Lance Berkman.

And, because you knew it was coming… random baseball-related ramblings.

TULO GOT HURT.  OH MY GOD.  He tore a tendon and is out until August… whatever shall I do?

Brian Bannister has beautiful eyes.

I’m addicted to TWIB now.

I think that’s it for now.  No, really.

A mile-high weekend recap…

…and a REAL post.

I spent almost my entire weekend watching my two favorite teams take each other on at Minute Maid Park.  I LOVE THOSE ROCKIES.  The work ethic, the team effort, the low payroll, and the homegrown players… and TROY TULOWITZKI.

On Friday, I took my camera and my “TROY/Tulo is my Rookie Of the Year” poster and asked him for a picture.  He said yes, we posed, and… my camera wouldn’t turn on.  So he said he’d look for me on Saturday and Sunday, and he did, and on Saturday I finally got my picture!  He smells really good even after taking batting practice–must be that Derek Jeter cologne.  And on Sunday he saw me again and looked somewhat frightened that I hadn’t gone away yet, and I yelled at him that it was my last Rockies game until June, and he looked relieved.  So that was good.  I led everyone in a rousing “Tulo stadium cheer” right before the game.

I threw some Spanish at Ubaldo Jiménez and Yorvit Torrealba on Friday and Saturday.  They seemed surprised that I could say more than “Gracias!”  And somewhat grateful.  I wonder how many Coloradoans actually speak Spanish.

I almost got an accidental nose job when Kazuo Matsui (who doesn’t like being called Kaz, or so I read) lined one straight for my face on Sunday.  This time I was actually in the field boxes.  The guy in front of me saved my natural appearance and caught the ball, falling on me in the process.  I wasn’t hurt at all and I reassured him of this several times.  It was pretty entertaining.

How about that Valverde?  He actually saved a game!  SHOCKER!  We’ve taken to calling him “José Lidge.”  Hopefully this is more of what we’ll be seeing all season.

So while I’m happy to see my Astros win one, I’m also happy to see my Rockies win.  I wish it was a four-game series so they could have split it.  Unfortunately, the Giants and the Padres won yesterday, so they’re gaining in the NL West race.  In the race that most of my readers-that-I-don’t-have actually care about, the ‘Stros are still in last.  But we shall see.