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Spring Training in Pictures #2

smiling lance.jpg

I love Lance Berkman.  Can I just put that out there?  Everything I’ve ever read about him has told me that he is a loveable jokester who works his hardest on everything he does.  He went to Rice–hometown boy, plus he must be brilliant.  However, last year in Kissimmee I also heard that he takes a golf cart out the secret exit of the park because he doesn’t want to sign autographs.  Who knows, maybe he has really ugly handwriting?

Anyway, here’s a picture of Lance from the AP that made me grin right along with him, and I hope it makes you smile too.

This is pathetic…

…on so many levels.

We’ve lost five in a row, we have the same record as the Brewers, and we’re tied for third place at seven games back.  We’re just barely over .500.

What the heck happened to the Astros team that was rocking the NL Central when I left for Los Angeles?  I haven’t been able to watch any of the past few games but Sportscenter and Baseball Tonight have basically kept me up to date.  This team stinks.  And Jack Cassel got sent down… again!  I’m gonna miss him.

There are good things, though.  I’m glad to see that Chris Sampson, one of my favorite players (because he’s NICE! he’s so sweet), is feeling more confident since his move to the bullpen.  That’s very, very good.  And Lance Berkman is still a beast–and kicking Pujols’ sorry bum in All-Star voting.

My Rockies lost last night–pathetic, pathetic game.  Tulo was taking fielding practice, though, so that was exciting.

Where Is He Now?

mo.jpgToday we’re going to check up on Morgan Ensberg.  Remember 2005?  Aah, World Series berth, Brad Lidge got ruined, and Morgan Ensberg was amazing.  Unfortunately for him, 2005 was a really, really long time ago.  He might be making Derek Jeter laugh, but he didn’t exactly make the Yankees staff laugh.  He was DFAd on Sunday to make room for Scott Patterson on the 20-man.  Poor guy.  He was so excited to go to San Diego because he lives there, and now no one really wants him.  I mean, his batting average was .203.  I can’t say I particularly blame the staff for letting him go.  What do you think they’re gonna do with him?  I say release.

I think that’s it for now.  I’ll be returning to Dodger Stadium on Wednesday to watch the Rox take on Clayton Kershaw (*gulp*).  That should be interesting.  And then I head home on Friday–and Saturday and Sunday I’m gonna catch the Aggies against Rice!  Gig ’em!

All good things…

…must come to an end–but that doesn’t mean they can’t start back up again.

It’s really distracting, listening to Josh Groban in Spanish and trying to write about baseball in English, but it’s so quiet in here!

How about those Astros, eh?  It’s been a wild ride.

Hunter Pence=still a sexy beast.  Cute story about his niece 🙂  WOW THAT RHYMED (sorta).

Where Is He Now?

capt_0e408203569b447aa9d3b2c95041bf9b_mets_diamondbacks_baseball_pnc109.jpgToday, we will pay Chad Qualls a visit in arid Arizona, where the humidity is non-existant (sigh… I would appreciate that right about now).  His ERA was 0.00 up until May 4, and currently it stands at 2.61, which is lower than it ever was with the Astros.  He’s been doing quite well as a setup man for Brandon Lyon (who I put on my Anti-Fantasy team after he blew two saves at the beginning of the season–that was stupid).  He’s been doing well, and fortunately so has the man that we got for him, José Valverde.  It’s a good year for the D-backs… and although I am a Rox fan, I am pleased to see Not-So-Bad Chad doing well.

I was really pleased to read about that chat that Lance-a-Lot had with J.R.  It’s nice to know that he’s returning the favor that he received not so long ago–and J.R. is one of my favorite players.  It’s been hard to see him struggle, especially after he did so well last year.

To all my one reader: I apologize for going so long between entries!  I just moved last week and Comcast doesn’t know that our address exists yet (oh, the woes of a new house), so I’m on my roof right now on someone’s unsecured network.  I don’t know what I’m going to do when I decide to take advantage of that clearance sale on shop.mlb.com–buying things online on an unsecure network is NOT smart.

Anyhow, it’s time to run downstairs and find my charger.

Who are you…

…and what have you done with the 2007 Astros?

And most importantly–what do you want in return?  Because surely you couldn’t just give a city in despair something as valuable as this 2008 team and not want anything back.

Brian Moehler.  After sitting through 16 innings of tied game against the Mets last year, I resented this man for the two runs he gave up.  We lost.  But last night was a different story–I cannot believe how well he did.  Snaps for Brian!

Lance Berkman.  The man has put the slow-start-curse far, far, far behind him.

Miguel Tejada.  I knew he was good… but I didn’t know he was quite this good.

Hunter Pence.  Has hit.  His stride.  And his socks.  Are sexy.

José Valverde.  I think he is back for real.

Where Is He Now?

Today, we will visit Mike Lamb, ex-Astros third baseman/utility player/all-around beast, current Minnesota Twins third baseman.

Yeah, maybe his average is lower than it’s been any time soon, but I really wish we had signed him instead of Mark Loretta.  I like his style.  He’s like a skinny Lance Berkman.

And, because you knew it was coming… random baseball-related ramblings.

TULO GOT HURT.  OH MY GOD.  He tore a tendon and is out until August… whatever shall I do?

Brian Bannister has beautiful eyes.

I’m addicted to TWIB now.

I think that’s it for now.  No, really.