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Have you noticed…

…that most of my latest entries have been apologetic for not having posted?

I have a giant synthesis paper due tomorrow on Shakespeare and I only have four of the required six pages, but my laptop delivered me a nice “hardware malfunction memory parity error of DEATH AND EPIC FAIL” so I decided it was break time.

In response to my last question–expansion teams–that only Jane answered, I think we shouldn’t have any more expansion teams.  There are teams drawing no fans–Florida Marlins, anyone?–that should be moved before we can even imagine creating a new team.  Apparently, there’s a big movement to get Major League Baseball in Portland, Oregon–do some Googling if you’re curious, because I’m too lazy to hyperlink–and they’re really serious about it.  They’ve got potential sites, stadium designs.  Whoa dang.  So if only the Marlins hadn’t gotten that stadium deal, I’d pack them up and ship them to Oregon.  Have fun in that weather, boys.

I’m SO tired.