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It’s been a while.

Hi, everyone. I hope you haven’t forgotten me. Even though I might not update or comment anymore, I haven’t forgotten you.

When Tom updated his blog, I was inspired to do the same. Mine will not be as poignant for several reasons: I took Vicodin a few hours ago, my life isn’t as interesting as his, and I’m not as good of a writer as he is. But here goes.

I’m not going to lie. I didn’t watch a single playoff game last year, even though the Rockies were in it. I haven’t seen a spring training game, read a trade rumor, or glanced at the sports section in the Denver Post since last September. I have gone days without so much as thinking about baseball, and I’m pretty sure you could quiz me about who’s on the team now and I’d fail.

But here are some things I have done. I have gotten a 3.3 GPA, although I did drop 4.5 credit hours’ worth of physics because I failed it. I have fallen in love, and I have discovered that there is a lot of work to staying in love. I have cried through every military movie I’ve seen because they are hard to watch when you love a future Airman. I have gone to the gym twice a week for two months, lost ten pounds, and dislocated my patella, torn my meniscus and a ligament, and been stuck on crutches for a month (and I still am). I have taken my first geology class and remembered how much I love it. I have gotten food poisoning. I have wasted time and I have studied my butt off. I have given cursing up for Lent and broken it several times, including both trips to the ER. I have been casted in the school musical, then lost my part because of my knee, then fought my way back in by dancing for four straight hours despite my inability to bend my left knee. I have joined a sorority and made lifelong sisters. I have become an adult.

So it’s up to you. You can call me a false fan for suddenly losing a lot of my interest in baseball, and I’m sure that would be fair. Or you can look at what else has gone on, appreciate that I still love the sport, and let it go. And maybe you can forgive me for not blogging for seven months.

I still love you all so very, very much.