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Game Log: 11 September 2008

Still have power and cable, so here’s the entry.

I figured that since it was Heroes Night this game would be packed–but I didn’t take into account the huge HURRICANE that is heading straight for our city.  So I got there only twenty minutes before game time and was still one of the first 10,000 fans (and got a patriotic cap, sponsored by Food Town… yippee).  The paid attendance was somewhere around 31,000 but there could not have been more than 15,000 people there.  We could hear the umpire calling strikes from the fourth deck.

Before the game, a Marine’s family came out to throw the first pitch.  They showed a surprise video from him in Iraq apologizing that he couldn’t make the game, and then the announcer said, “Oh, and we have a surprise guest” and out comes the Marine!  I teared up in a big way as he threw the first pitch… it was wonderful.

The game had a very relaxed atmosphere.  Half the team was signing autographs, and I kicked myself for not taking the hurricane into consideration when planning for my game excursion.  But I do have almost the whole team on my hat, so that’s not that big of a deal.  Anyhow, whenever a foul ball went towards a guy in the on-deck circle, he would pick it up and toss it to the crowd.  Roy Oswalt mis-tossed one of the fouls and it fell down the screen, so he actually walked over to a child in the Diamond Club and put the baseball in his hand.  I was epically jealous.

We in the city of Houston have become such scoreboard watchers.  Not only was I tracking the Rockies game (*sniff*) but also the Cardinals/Cubs game and the Brewers game.  Fortunately, the Brewers and the Cardinals both lost, so we’re only three behind now.

I had a big bag of Cracker Jack–only one concession stand out of thirty plus was open.  We also had a different announcer than the usual Bob Ford, who’s been doing games as long as I can remember.  This new guy couldn’t pronounce “Doumit,” which got really annoying after a few innings.  The stores were closed and the baseball card stand was closed, which was okay because I bought my pack of Topps on Wednesday–and got a new Luke Scott and also a Josh Anderson rookie card 🙂

Anywho, Roy Oswalt pitched a pretty-much perfect game, seeing as he allowed three hits and every one of those hits was immediately followed by a double play.  He faced the minimum 27 batters, struck out four, and we scored six runs en route to a four-game sweep of the Pittsburgh Pirates.

In other news…

– Micah Owings is officially a Red……..  ohhhhhhhh I HATE that stupid Adam Dunn trade.
– have I mentioned THE HURRICANE yet?  yIKEs.

All-Star fan voting is stupid…

…so why do I keep watching the game?!

Yes, I know I haven’t updated in, like, six years.  I was gone all weekend.

The Astros have been winning some games–fell to the Braves but hey, at least we beat the worst team in the NL East, right?


I didn’t realize Matt Holliday’s agent was Scott Boras.  Major crapola.


I’m going to be going on quite a hiatus.  I’m gone Tuesday-Thursday of this week, then I’m gone Sunday-Sunday.  I’ll be back for a week (sorta, I’ll be in Denver with my laptop), and then that Sunday I leave again for two weeks to a place where I will have no cell phone, no TV, no Internet.  I’m having my family mail me box scores and wraps, because I will go insane if I don’t get my baseball fix.

I LOVE THE ALL-STAR BREAK.  Dunno why.  The game is dumb.  But Matty is starting.

Derby tonight.

Sorry for the random collection of thoughts.  I’ve had about twelve hours of sleep total since Friday.

A costly win…

…if Roy can’t make his next start.

Yeah, we won.  Yeah, Chris Sampson was 100% shocked that he was being called out, and he dominated because, well, that’s what Chris Sampson does, besides being nice enough to chat with fans.  Because he’s a beast.  But Roy got hurt.  So that’s not cool.

We have won three series in a row.  I’m very proud of my boys pulling themselves out of the depths of suckiness and beating the top two teams in the AL East (Rays, Red Sox) and the not-bottom team in the AL West (Rangers).

I also got to see Justin Ruggiano play for like, five seconds, who happens to be Brian Ruggiano’s brother, who happens to play at A&M.  Unfortunately Justin got optioned like, two days after the series ended, so that was sad.

Still working on figuring out that Denver trip.

My brain’s not really fully functioning right now, so excuse the pointlessness of this post.

The Rockies need to pull it together.  I love them to death but seriously, guys.  Get rid of Brian Fuentes, nab some prospects, and let’s get on with our lives.

Troy Trevor hit a homer the other day 🙂  Made my day.  But that craptastic play yesterday didn’t.

Only a matter of time until they get clicking on all cylinders.

Where Is He Now? update (cue Baseball Tonight update jingle): Matt Albers is on the DL with a torn labrum.  Either he’ll rehab for two months or have season-ending surgery.  Get well soon, brah.

I have before me…

…the box score of last night’s Padres/Astros game.  Finally, a good reason to be the saberhead that I am.

First of all, Oscar Villarreal didn’t allow a run!  I think it actually is a first.  Secondly, how about Tim Byrdak?  I had absolutely no idea, shamefully enough, that he was on our team.  But he held up pretty well.

And finally, ROY OSWALT IS BACK for good.  And helping himself out with the bat a little bit?  Not quite Micah Owings yet but YAY!  I am so pleased with the way our pitching staff is rounding out.  If only José Valverde were a little more consistent and if Wandy weren’t hurt.

I’m so EXCITED about Jack Cassel!  He did well in Triple-A and last September for the Padres, and he passes my most important test–the niceness test.  He’s extremely nice.

That’s really all the energy I have to recap last night’s game–I think the score pretty much speaks for itself.

As for today’s Where Is He Now?, I will mention Luke Scott.  Not only is he starting in right field for the surprisingly good Baltimore Orioles, his average is .381 and his OPS is 1.000.  Looks like he’s doing very well.  I guess he just needed a change in scenery.  However, he will always be my favorite right fielder who gave me a high five and started recognizing me at the games.