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Mooch accomplished…

…as I am sitting on a friend’s floor with power and using someone’s wireless connection that they’ve left unsecured.

Still no cable.  I’m not terribly far from my house and obviously the
whole city was affected by the hurricane.  Only bunny ears with just
CBS, so at least I can watch NCIS and some news.  No FSN or My20, or
even ESPN.  But I’ve got Internet!

So who saw Fausto Carmona and Gary Sheffield’s reenactment of the Nolan
Ryan-Robin Ventura conflagration?  If you didn’t, have no fear–I have
a link
Matt Joyce is officially one of my new favorite players because not
only does he wear amazing socks, but he simply dove to the ground and
covered his head and neck with his arms when the fight became too
much.  Makes a girl want to dash in and rescue him, and then hug him
and make him some chamomile tea.

Uhhh the Astros won!  And the Rockies got their booties kicked.

And that’s it for now, I guess.  Going to the game Tuesday.