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The College Bucket List; On Suckage

Graduation is next Tuesday, so last night I decided to do something I’ve never done but really should have–driving all the way around the Loop.

For those of you who haven’t lived in the Space City, “the Loop” is the smaller of our two beltways–Interstate 610 is the innermost (it’s a loop of I-10, “the 10” for you Californians), the Sam Houston Tollway/Beltway 8 is the outermost.  Both of them pass over the Houston Ship Channel, part of the Port of Houston, the second-largest port in the country (largest in terms of foreign tonnage).  Anyway, this was my main motivation for this trip.

If you know anything about Houston aside from the fact that our baseball team is terrible (more on that later), it’s that we’re one of the biggest cities for the oil business.  The city sits on a base of clays, silt, and sand deposited from rivers that eroded the Rocky Mountains–terrible for city-building, but great for oil deposits.  The Port of Houston and the Ship Channel are lined with refineries.  And guess what?

Every little refinery looks like a miniature city at night.  The picture above is of a refinery on the Ship Channel as Ike rolled in, so it’s not quite the same, but similar.  Each tower is lit up like a skyscraper.  It’s so close but so small that it’s the same scale as a far-away skyline.  It might be true that kids raised within a two-mile radius of the Port are twice as likely to develop leukemia, but you can’t deny that the Port’s got its upsides.  Great economic benefits, and a really pretty picture (that I couldn’t take because I had no camera, stupid me) at night.

The rest of the trip was uneventful, except for a little part where the lanes got really narrow and I got really nervous.  It was pretty empty out.

In other news…

I’m sure everyone’s already beaten the Manny horse to death, so I’ll leave him where he lies.

Um, the Astros suck.  Hunter and Blum’s RallyHawks haven’t really done anything.  Admittedly, they won last night, and Hunter scored the go-ahead run, but honestly?  It’s looking like another season of fail courtesy of baseball’s stingiest owner, Drayton McLane.  That’s our coping strategy–blame everything on the Grocer Man.  Seriously, though, this team has some work to do.  Lance Berkman is batting .184.  Oh my God.  What are we going to do?  When Jeff Keppinger has the team’s highest average, you know you’ve got a problem.

I haven’t been to a game since April.  I had tickets to last Thursday’s game against the Cubs but I had my US History AP on Friday, and I was sick as a dog running a 101.6 fever.

The Rockies aren’t doing too well either, but I’m glad to see Todd Helton batting a nice .337.    Tulo’s kinda stinking it up with his .223, but at least the pitching has been on.  Has it ever.  Ubaldo Jimenez–I knew he was something special but wow, not even I saw this coming.

Pointless Ramblings:

– I have been sick three times in as many weeks.  Right now, my voice is pathetic and my ear hurts.  My doctor moved to Bellaire and I don’t know if I want to find a new one because I’m leaving soon anyway.
– I have a Twitter.  @starrphishe
– I’ve got one more academic activity between now and graduation: physics exam tomorrow.  I suck at physics.  It should be fun.

photo courtesy of Reuters