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I have escaped…

…into a part of North Texas in which I have Internet and power.

Unfortunately there is no FSN, but that might be a good thing given the Astros’ recent performance.  It was enough to check the score on the computer.  Nobody really wants to watch their team get crushed by the MARLINS.  I mean, really.

The worst part is that it seems that every time the Astros win, the Rockies lose.  It’s like I have to sacrifice one team’s win for another team’s.  I was okay with that when they were playing each other, but not so much now.

Oh, and by the way, the Marlins are ONE GAME BEHIND THE ASTROS IN THE WILD CARD RACE.  Non mi piace (or no me gusta… got to work on that Spanish again).

I don’t really have much else to say.  I can’t expect Backe, who hasn’t been able to get in contact with family and friends since the, oh, I don’t know, HURRICANE to be able to pitch a good game.  I know they won’t use it as an excuse but COME ON.  The island is freaking underwater.  I think it works just fine as an excuse.

Ciao, amici.