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A somewhat happy occurrence…

…tempered with overall sadness.

Troy Trevor hit another homer last night, and the Rox won thanks to an outstanding performance from Ubaldo.

– the Astros lost and were pathetic
– Clayton got optioned
– Jeff Francis got DL-ified

I’m so mad at the Dodgers’ staff for optioning my boy.  Honestly.  Why would you do that?

And the Astros… phew.  I really can’t even begin to quantify this loss.  Why does Hiroki Kuroda have our number?  He almost no-hit us last time we faced him.

I’m actually glad about Jeffy because OBVIOUSLY something was wrong.  I’m really mad at him for pitching through it, though.  What was he thinking?  He killed my fantasy team doing it.

I’m going to the game now so more later!

This is pathetic…

…on so many levels.

We’ve lost five in a row, we have the same record as the Brewers, and we’re tied for third place at seven games back.  We’re just barely over .500.

What the heck happened to the Astros team that was rocking the NL Central when I left for Los Angeles?  I haven’t been able to watch any of the past few games but Sportscenter and Baseball Tonight have basically kept me up to date.  This team stinks.  And Jack Cassel got sent down… again!  I’m gonna miss him.

There are good things, though.  I’m glad to see that Chris Sampson, one of my favorite players (because he’s NICE! he’s so sweet), is feeling more confident since his move to the bullpen.  That’s very, very good.  And Lance Berkman is still a beast–and kicking Pujols’ sorry bum in All-Star voting.

My Rockies lost last night–pathetic, pathetic game.  Tulo was taking fielding practice, though, so that was exciting.

Where Is He Now?

mo.jpgToday we’re going to check up on Morgan Ensberg.  Remember 2005?  Aah, World Series berth, Brad Lidge got ruined, and Morgan Ensberg was amazing.  Unfortunately for him, 2005 was a really, really long time ago.  He might be making Derek Jeter laugh, but he didn’t exactly make the Yankees staff laugh.  He was DFAd on Sunday to make room for Scott Patterson on the 20-man.  Poor guy.  He was so excited to go to San Diego because he lives there, and now no one really wants him.  I mean, his batting average was .203.  I can’t say I particularly blame the staff for letting him go.  What do you think they’re gonna do with him?  I say release.

I think that’s it for now.  I’ll be returning to Dodger Stadium on Wednesday to watch the Rox take on Clayton Kershaw (*gulp*).  That should be interesting.  And then I head home on Friday–and Saturday and Sunday I’m gonna catch the Aggies against Rice!  Gig ’em!

No decision for Clayton…

…but a big decision for me.

I have a new favorite pitcher.  Clayton Kershaw is an absolute beast.  He is exceedingly gorgeous and sort of my age.  Plus he committed to Texas A&M before being drafted, so
that’s five extra cool points for him.  But his girlfriend’s mom was ridiculously weird… she was way more excited than his own mom.  So strange.  My mom is so much cooler.

He wears a cross, so he’s definitely Christian.  And I almost just spelled cross “chross.”  Which signifies that I might need some food right about now.

And he’s a lefty!

And ohmigod, his HAIR.  The best hat hair I have ever seen.

Please excuse my fangirl moment.  Trust me, it’s the first of many, many to come.

Random postscript: I definitely saw his interview on KCAL before today’s game.  No yucky Texan drawl, and he seems like a very sweet guy.  Yay.

Fighting off the Dodger Blue…

…because I’m in Los Angeles for a week, visiting my family.

Fortunately, the Rox are coming out next week so I’ll get to go watch them play.  Tulo, of course, will not play, but I bet he’ll take batting practice.  In all likelihood, if he sees me, he will take out a restraining order.  When he saw me at the last game of the Stros/Rox series, he kind of rolled his eyes.  I don’t think he likes me.

OHMIGOD.  CLAYTON KERSHAW.  Allow me to take a brief girly break and note that HE IS GORGEOUS.  And Texan.  Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.  GOSH he is adorable.

Now that I’ve finished that…

How about Darin Erstad?!  I mean, I knew about his secret life as a Gold Glover (cue superhero theme song) but HONESTLY, that was an amazing play.  I saw it on Baseball Tonight and was absolutely astonished.  Snaps for Darin!

I’m glad to see Hunter Pence continually proving that the sophomore curse is over!  I am very pleased with his recent performance.

What is up with pitchers getting hit by batters lately?  First Chris Young’s face gets mooshed and now José Valverde?  What the heck?!  Poor Chris Young!  Just reading about what happened internally made my empty stomach turn.  Have I mentioned that I am used to eating breakfast at what would be 3:30 AM here?  I’m starving (it’s 9:19).

Ordinarily I would do a Where Is He Now? right here, but the Houston Chronicle absolutely snarfed my idea.  So I’ll do an update–Luke Scott hit a two-run homer last night!!  Stupid Joseph Duarte.

I have hot pancakes on the table right now so an update after I catch the Dodgers game.  Did I mention–no MLB Extra Innings?  So even more no-Stros until I get home and have cable.