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Ha, ha…

…wait for it…


Bye bye, Shawn Chacon.

See ya later–probably not.

It’s nice to hear Ed Wade’s side of the story.  Admittedly, it conflicts almost completely with Chacon’s, but when it comes down to believing a general manager or a player who has historically been known as a bit of a loose cannon, I’d pick Wade any day.  And I’m not saying that what either of them did–because Wade did admit that he used profanity when speaking to Chacon–was right.  I’m just saying that I would never throw my boss down in the workplace and expect not to get fired.


It’s a rubber game…

…and hopefully the outcome bounces our way.

Quickly, before I address the game, some tidbits from the Chronicle this morning.

McLane was adamant that Chacon will never return to the Astros.

“Absolutely not,” McLane said. “If you shoved a policeman down
or any other public servant, can you imagine shoving a principal in a
school? It was in full view of several players. Players pulled Chacon
and restrained him. There’s absolutely no way. You can’t defy
authority. Even if he disagreed with what they wanted him to do, he
should have had the courage to sit down and talk to him.”

And from Richard Justice’s blog:

“This wasn’t Ed Wade’s finest hour, either… To resort to yelling and cursing reflects a lack of maturity
on his part as well… The Astros were perfectly justified to punish Chacon, but Drayton
McLane would be equally justified in asking some hard questions about
Wade’s behavior. His yelling doesn’t give Chacon an excuse to resort to
violence, but it’s no way someone in his position should be behaving.

“If Chacon had only argued or yelled or used words. Anyway, the Astros went into the Chacon deal knowing there was the potential for trouble.
He’d worn his welcome out at a few stops along the way, but apparently
had never done anything like this. He’s one of those guys with all
kinds of talent, but a guy that always seems to disappoint people.”

I didn’t know that Clint Hurdle became fed up with his behavior.  I knew he was a jerk but really, Clint Hurdle didn’t like him?  That should have been a warning sign right there.  I love Clint Hurdle 🙂

So it’s really both of their faults.  Ed Wade shouldn’t have behaved like a child, and Chacon shouldn’t have behaved like a teenager.

Well, we’re not going to be able to trade him now, so I say release him and bring Runelvys Hernandez up.  They’d been wondering who to demote in his place, so just demote the loose cannon and bring up a solid guy.  He’s not Jack Cassel, though.

Back to normal life…

Went to the game on Tuesday.  It was fun.  Tried to get Josh Hamilton to sign my SI but he signed way far away from where I was standing.  That was sad.  But we won.  José Valverde gave up a homer (big surprise there), but we still won.  And last night we lost.  I didn’t watch any of it–I was watching “The Baby Borrowers”–and I’m glad.  It seemed like a frustrating game.

So hopefully they win tonight, right?  Ooh, except “Last Comic Standing” is on… I’m glad we have a TiVo.

Rox lost.  Bleh.


I cannot believe it…

…Shawn Chacon actually physically attacked Ed Wade.

Chacon said that Wade was cussing him out, and so he threw him to the ground.  Chacon has been suspended indefinitely.

And now he’s afraid he might never pitch in the bigs again!  WOW what a shocker!  Maybe you shouldn’t have been such an ***!

Just like Chris has his “Chris Hex” and Zack has his “Hample Jinx,” I’m creating my own thing.  Mine is officially called the “Kylie B-slap of Fortune.”

Shawn Chacon, consider yourself officially B-slapped.

You can tell I’m mad.  Guess what?  We don’t need this guy.  And nobody else does, either.



I got a baseball…

…but I don’t think it counts as “snagging” it.

My friend works for T-Mobile, and apparently they have a suite at Dr Pepper Ballpark (where the Frisco RoughRiders, the AA team of the Texas Rangers, play).  Somehow he wrangled a signed Texas League ball from Zack Parker (it was in the suite when they got there).  He’s not doing real well right now, and the ball’s signed in Sharpie, but I totally don’t even care.  He’s officially one of my new favorite players.  And the brand-new, straight-from-the-Rawlings-box ball smells incredible.

Back in the Majors…

We won a game!  No, wait.  WE WON A SERIES!  OHMIGOSH!  And José Valverde got a save without allowing a run!  WOW.  I’m shocked.

I’m disappointed that Hunter’s play-at-the-plate didn’t even garner a mention on Baseball Tonight.  Disgusted, even.

I finally figured out that they call Eric Young “EY…” I thought they were all stupid and thought his name was “Eli.”  GOOD JOB Kylie.  As long as I still get to be the mayor of Souvenir City.

I’m disgusted with Shawn Chacon.  What a jerk.  Chris Sampson had the same demotion but took it with grace, making me adore him even more (♥), while Shawn spewed a line of expletives that couldn’t be printed.  You don’t perform, you get demoted.  Lucky it wasn’t to Round Rock.  I officially hate you, Shawn Chacon.  Good luck making it back into the rotation–NOT.

I’ve read a lot of trade rumors.  Do you think we should trade Roy Oswalt?  In a completely non-groundbreaking idea, I think we’ve spent too much time trying to fix the now Astros.  Instead, we should trade some guys (Roy, Tejada, Carlos, Brandon?) and build up the farm system.  Look at the Rays!  I think that’s my new slogan.  They’ve sucked their entire existence, but all those years of number one draft picks have built up and they’re BEASTLY this year.  I would hate to see any of those guys go, but seriously, long-term!

brad lidge.pngWhere Is He Now?

Today we’re going to visit Brad Lidge in Philadelphia, where he holds an ERA of 0.89 as the Phillies’ solid closer.  He has 18 saves, one of which came against the Astros at home.  How about Brad?  Just like so many other former ‘Stros, we got rid of him because he sucked and the change of scenery has brought him back to his former awesomeness.  However, what we got for him in Michael Bourn (and Mike Costanzo, but… yeah) has helped out our team in a big way.  I’ll be the first to say that although I do miss the Lights-Out Lidge that we used to have, I don’t miss the Light-’em-Up Lidge or that very distracting mole.  Other than the mole he’s a very attractive man.  Oh well.  I’m proud of him for doing so well up there in Pennsylvania.  Best wishes, Brad.

Pointless Ramblings:

1.  AAH I’m still happy about Tulo being back.  And Clint Barmes got activated too!!
2.  That’s it, really.


It’s a pitch-a-palooza…

…because Jack Cassel was called up and Wandy has been activated!

Two of our better pitchers are ready, and Dave Borkowski was finally DFAd.  Not that I don’t like him–he’s definitely one of the nicest people I’ve met in my life–but he stinks.

And OMG, Hunter Pence.  Complete, total, utter beast.  Five for five.  WOWsers.  There aren’t really enough words.

Shawn Chacon surprises me endlessly.  I cannot believe what a bargain-bin beast he has turned out to be.  I was not expecting him to be so consistent.  I am constantly pleased with what I see from Chacon.

I am pleased with the lack of fighting in last night’s game.  I got quite tired of seeing my team act like six-year-olds.

Where Is He Now?

52878a56-0b13-4f0a-bec1-e89d8aeb3813.jpgToday I’m focusing on Luis González, who currently plays for the Marlins.  I remember his smiling, Cuban-Brad-Ausmus-look-alike face from so many games while he was in Houston.  He’s currently signed by the Marlins as a backup left fielder to Josh Willingham.  I don’t really know what else to say about him because he hasn’t really done anything significant this year, I was just inspired to revisit him because here in Dodgertown, the people still remember him.  Granted, his batting average this year is higher than it was in 2006 or 2007, and that’s good.  We’ll keep an eye on him and see what happens.

That’s really all I have for now, other than the fact that some dork in my fantasy league dropped Blake DeWitt, so I snatched him up and am quite pleased with my team now.