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What to write about…

…in an offseason when Ed Wade says he’s done signing?

No Andy Pettitte.  I’m not going to lie, I would have loved to have him back on the team.

No Ben Sheets.  Okay, so I didn’t really expect that one to happen anyway.

No Jack Cassel, even.  The Indians signed him.  Bye bye, my friend.  Be nice to the pretty girls at Indians’ spring training too.

I could write about MLB Network.  But I haven’t actually watched it yet–your spare time kind of goes bye-bye after you get a job that you work all the time on weekends and when you get a Wii.

I could write about the inauguration.  But the only thing I really know about it is that Josh Groban (my love!) is singing.

I could write about my life.  But my life is horribly boring and involves a lot of calculus quizzes and physics homework.

I don’t know what to write about.

However, I can tell you this: this blog will be significantly different on Opening Day.  I don’t just mean content-wise–content might change, but superficially, it will be most different.  Stick around to find out more, if you care at all.

Game Log: 23 September 2008

This was my last game of the season, but first…

I GOT POWER AND CABLE BACK.  Right before I left for the game.  So, yay.  Unfortunately school got power too >.<

Okay.  So I took the train, as per usual, and then dashed down to the perfect corner spot by the tunnel on the third base side to get Reds autographs.  I wanted a picture with Josh Fogg, and I wanted Micah Owings’ and Joey Votto’s autographs on baseball cards.  I stood there watching Adam Rosales show off at third base for half an hour and then Jay Bruce came out.  I watched him sit on the railing and talk to everyone around him, including Astros fans and little kids.  He was smiling and laughing with everyone and I picked up my BlackBerry and decided to he|| with the fact that I was wearing my brown Astros Spring Training shirt, I was taking a picure with him.  So I walked up to him and he smiled, and I said, “I’m gonna hate myself if I pass up this opportunity.  Will you take a picture with me?”

He laughed as I handed my BlackBerry to the guy behind me and said, “Of course!  Sure!”  He hugged me with one arm and we took the picture, and I almost died being so close to him.  He was one of the most geniuinely nice men I have ever met in my entire life.  I then asked if Josh Fogg was traveling with them even though he was on the 60-day, and he apologized and said no, and I was sad.  But then I thanked him for the picture and he smiled again… I have a new favorite baseball player.  And as much as I hate to admit it, he’s nicer than Tulo.  A lot nicer.

While I was watching Adam Rosales (“Rosie” according to the coaches), two players walked past me.  One of them looked a lot like Luke Scott from the side, and as he talked to the other, I noticed he was using some unsavory language.  Now, I’m not going to lie–I cuss a lot, but this guy is a professional and he was very within earshot of fans.  However, I looked him up… and it was Joey Votto.  Dang it.  I was unhappy that I needed his autograph.  I missed him when he went down into the dugout, but I was standing next to some guys who, judging by their conversation, used to play for the Reds, and they waved him over.  I awkwardly stood right in front of him through their whole conversation and then asked him to sign the card, which he did.  I do not like Joey Votto, but I did appreciate his signing my card.  I should take a picture.

The game itself sucked.  I screamed for Jay every time he went up to bat, and he struck out three times and lined out once.  The guys in our section (who had heard my story) decided he was wondering where I was sitting and it was distracting him, and they thanked me for it.  That’s just silly, because he has a girlfriend, but whatever.  I adore him.  And he’s only twenty-one!

I bought a 2009 Astros Pet Calendar, which is really cool because they benefit the Houston Humane Society, and there’s a ridiculously cute picture of Chris Sampson with CJ (his son) in his left arm and their dog in his right.  I love that guy… I hope his elbow gets better soon 😦

Speaking of babies, Jack Cassel and his wife, which I didn’t know he had, just had a daughter!  Congratulations!

I’m going to try to do a live blog for Sunday’s game.  If it works out, I might do some for the playoffs, no matter who gets in.

A house divided against itself…

…cannot stand.

So how am I still standing?

It was a rough weekend for me, because in a house, nay, city full of Astros fans I was sitting alone in my room watching the Rockies lose twice.  It was the saddest thing to watch Jeff Francis pitch so spectacularly and get a loss, especially because he’s on my fantasy team and I have no room for error as I battle it out for the seventh place spot.

On the positive side, the Astros really pulled it together.  Impressive pinch hits from Darin (♥) and David Newhan helped out a lot, and fantastic pitching by MY LOVE THE ONE AND ONLY JACK CASSEL (more on him later).  Brad Hawpe had a bunch of very key hits, and Jeff and Ubaldo (not so much Jorge) pitched fantastic games.

On the downside, Wandy’s hurt.  That can’t be good.  Troy Trevor has gone like, a week without a homer, and is 1-for-14 since his last home run.  Manny Corpas still sucks, and Jorge de la Rosa is Mr. Inconsistent.

Now for…


jack cassel.jpgPretty much if you’ve ever read this blog you know of my love for Jack Cassel.  If you don’t, here’s a little backstory of my adoration of no. 20.

I met Jack at Spring Training this last year.  I had no idea who he was when he signed my hat (other than he was ADORABLE, and still is), so when I got back to the hotel I checked the Astros’ roster.  Turns out he went to Loyola Marymount University, which is one of the colleges I was looking at at the time.  I asked him about it the next day and he provided no resounding endorsement, and we chatted as he signed random items for other people.  Long story short, he is such a sweetheart, and he and his brother both had a collective big day yesterday.  Tom Brady went down and Matt Cassel, Jack’s little bro who has been Brady’s backup for four years, came in and took over the game (and the Patriots won).  Wandy went down and Jack took over, and the Astros won.  And there’s another Cassel brother, Justin, who is in the White Sox system right now.  And, and, there’s more.  You know it’s not important unless The Dugout has done a piece on it, and guess what?  They have.  And it’s hilarious and well-written.  And if you don’t yet read The Dugout, you should.

So enough gushing about Jack Cassel.  How about we gush about Troy Tulowitzki?

Nah, I won’t subject my non-existant readers to more of that than I already have–except to say that he has a LOT of weird tics, like pushing his jersey up all the time.

So all in all, it was a mediocre weekend that resulted in my heart being ripped in twain by the Boys in Purple and the Boys in Red.

Thursday I’m going to the game and I’m hoping I’ll get a chance to talk to Jack :]

Until then, keep it spiffy.

This is pathetic…

…on so many levels.

We’ve lost five in a row, we have the same record as the Brewers, and we’re tied for third place at seven games back.  We’re just barely over .500.

What the heck happened to the Astros team that was rocking the NL Central when I left for Los Angeles?  I haven’t been able to watch any of the past few games but Sportscenter and Baseball Tonight have basically kept me up to date.  This team stinks.  And Jack Cassel got sent down… again!  I’m gonna miss him.

There are good things, though.  I’m glad to see that Chris Sampson, one of my favorite players (because he’s NICE! he’s so sweet), is feeling more confident since his move to the bullpen.  That’s very, very good.  And Lance Berkman is still a beast–and kicking Pujols’ sorry bum in All-Star voting.

My Rockies lost last night–pathetic, pathetic game.  Tulo was taking fielding practice, though, so that was exciting.

Where Is He Now?

mo.jpgToday we’re going to check up on Morgan Ensberg.  Remember 2005?  Aah, World Series berth, Brad Lidge got ruined, and Morgan Ensberg was amazing.  Unfortunately for him, 2005 was a really, really long time ago.  He might be making Derek Jeter laugh, but he didn’t exactly make the Yankees staff laugh.  He was DFAd on Sunday to make room for Scott Patterson on the 20-man.  Poor guy.  He was so excited to go to San Diego because he lives there, and now no one really wants him.  I mean, his batting average was .203.  I can’t say I particularly blame the staff for letting him go.  What do you think they’re gonna do with him?  I say release.

I think that’s it for now.  I’ll be returning to Dodger Stadium on Wednesday to watch the Rox take on Clayton Kershaw (*gulp*).  That should be interesting.  And then I head home on Friday–and Saturday and Sunday I’m gonna catch the Aggies against Rice!  Gig ’em!

It’s a pitch-a-palooza…

…because Jack Cassel was called up and Wandy has been activated!

Two of our better pitchers are ready, and Dave Borkowski was finally DFAd.  Not that I don’t like him–he’s definitely one of the nicest people I’ve met in my life–but he stinks.

And OMG, Hunter Pence.  Complete, total, utter beast.  Five for five.  WOWsers.  There aren’t really enough words.

Shawn Chacon surprises me endlessly.  I cannot believe what a bargain-bin beast he has turned out to be.  I was not expecting him to be so consistent.  I am constantly pleased with what I see from Chacon.

I am pleased with the lack of fighting in last night’s game.  I got quite tired of seeing my team act like six-year-olds.

Where Is He Now?

52878a56-0b13-4f0a-bec1-e89d8aeb3813.jpgToday I’m focusing on Luis González, who currently plays for the Marlins.  I remember his smiling, Cuban-Brad-Ausmus-look-alike face from so many games while he was in Houston.  He’s currently signed by the Marlins as a backup left fielder to Josh Willingham.  I don’t really know what else to say about him because he hasn’t really done anything significant this year, I was just inspired to revisit him because here in Dodgertown, the people still remember him.  Granted, his batting average this year is higher than it was in 2006 or 2007, and that’s good.  We’ll keep an eye on him and see what happens.

That’s really all I have for now, other than the fact that some dork in my fantasy league dropped Blake DeWitt, so I snatched him up and am quite pleased with my team now.

Everybody bring out your brooms…

‘Cos it’s two sweeps in a row!

After they dropped two to the Rockies, the Astros have come back and absolutely cleaned house.  First they swept away the pitching-powerhouse Padres, and now they’ve cleared out the Reds, who happened to be above them in the standings.  Well, so long!

If I had the chance to see Jack Cassel again, I would give him a high five.  What a fantastic job he did today.  I am endlessly impressed (and shocked beyond belief) by our pitching staff.  And have I yet mentioned that he’s so nice?

The bats weren’t quite as alive today as they have been but yesterday, Tuesday, and Monday they most certainly were.

But guess who else’s bat was alive yesterday?  TROY TULOWITZKI’S BAT, of course!  He hit his first homer of the season!  And it had to be the day I benched him on my fantasy team.  Same with Brandon Inge.  But at least the Rockies didn’t drop another.  And what’s with Manny Corpas?

And most importantly, how can I talk about so many teams in one blog post?  I have no idea.

See you in St. Louis.

I have before me…

…the box score of last night’s Padres/Astros game.  Finally, a good reason to be the saberhead that I am.

First of all, Oscar Villarreal didn’t allow a run!  I think it actually is a first.  Secondly, how about Tim Byrdak?  I had absolutely no idea, shamefully enough, that he was on our team.  But he held up pretty well.

And finally, ROY OSWALT IS BACK for good.  And helping himself out with the bat a little bit?  Not quite Micah Owings yet but YAY!  I am so pleased with the way our pitching staff is rounding out.  If only José Valverde were a little more consistent and if Wandy weren’t hurt.

I’m so EXCITED about Jack Cassel!  He did well in Triple-A and last September for the Padres, and he passes my most important test–the niceness test.  He’s extremely nice.

That’s really all the energy I have to recap last night’s game–I think the score pretty much speaks for itself.

As for today’s Where Is He Now?, I will mention Luke Scott.  Not only is he starting in right field for the surprisingly good Baltimore Orioles, his average is .381 and his OPS is 1.000.  Looks like he’s doing very well.  I guess he just needed a change in scenery.  However, he will always be my favorite right fielder who gave me a high five and started recognizing me at the games.